20+ promising business ideas for future technologies


Technology keeps growing. This has an impact on the increasing diversity of emerging professions. An example is the UI/UX designer, who was scarce a dozen years ago, but now their numbers are increasing. The IT technology business is also evolving because consumer needs are also becoming more diverse.

20 business idea in IT technology

Founding a startup

Along with the development of technology, startups are constantly growing. You can also develop startups with more interesting topics. You can combine different topics in your startup. An example is an agricultural start-up that is just growing.

To the farming project financing features, you can add features for buying farm products directly from the farmer. In addition, the application you developed can also be used by farmers by adding a function that farmers can find with agricultural experts, giving farmers more concrete and relevant solutions.

Buy and sell computers

Buying and selling computers is an example of a business opportunity in the computer industry that is the most common. You can sell different types of computers, laptops, and smartphones in the same store. In addition, you can also use an online store to sell your products in different places.

Besides hardware, you can sell commonly used official software. This is useful for consumers to get official software from the application developer.

Setting up an online library

If you are interested in education, you can set up an online library. You can work with various libraries to get books in soft copy form and you can then upload them to your online library’s page.

Become a content creator

Content creators are very advanced these days. There are different platforms to share your work, and one of them is YouTube. Being a content creator on YouTube promises very high profits. You can address the topic that interests you most.

Aside from being uploaded to your channel, you can also work on specific projects. An example is content creators for product promotion. You receive payments for projects that help product owners promote their products. However, this business requires a large amount of capital as it requires equipment such as laptops and high-quality cameras.

In addition, you need video editing software that is used to create video content. This software usually requires a monthly subscription fee and is quite expensive for a beginner content creator level. Hence, you must be armed with various possible capital to be spent to run this business.

Become a content writer

Content Writer is the type of IT technology company that is right for you if you are interested in writing. You can write various themes that can be uploaded to your website. The capital required isn’t much either, just a laptop and your ability to produce quality writing.

Become a travel blogger

Travel blogging seems to be a dream job for some people. Because travel bloggers can make money while traveling. To get started as a travel blogger, you need to be careful about what platform you are using and what content you want to produce. If you just want to write, then a personal blog will do.

However, if you want to produce video and text at the same time, you need to set up a private channel on YouTube. Before starting this business, you should also know how to monetize your content as it affects your content development strategy and personal channel.

Become an SEO Writer

SEO Writer is different from Content Writer. An SEO writer is a writer who focuses on producing copy so that the article can appear on the first page of Google and even appear in the top row.

This is useful for getting more people to visit your website and monetizing the placed ads. SEO writers employ specific techniques using a combination of the most searched keywords and other components.

An SEO writer is also needed by business people especially startups to get their website to the top of the Google search engine. This also affects the products sold to make them more salable.

provision of computer services
Some computer outlets sometimes do not accept service for old series computers or laptops. You can use this as a business opportunity in the field of IT technology. They can offer laptop and computer service services.

In addition, you can also combine it with buying and selling used laptops. This is useful for getting components that need to be replaced from other laptops that are already damaged. An example is a keyboard. When you combine the service with buying and selling used laptops, you can easily get a working keyboard from a laptop that is no longer used.

Become an app developer

Many applications are currently being developed to support our daily lives. Smartphones that have become a part of our lives certainly need applications to run certain programs. You can use this as a profitable business area.

Various areas of life can be developed in the form of applications, from home exercise applications, drinking water reminder applications, and smartphone usage control applications to video editing applications.

You can be an app developer from home or from anywhere. This is because you don’t need a dedicated place to build applications. You only need a solid idea and a supporting tool to develop an app.

Become a web developer

Web developers are slightly different from app developers. The main task of a web developer is to develop a website in a way that makes it more attractive and user-friendly. Web developers don’t need a dedicated workstation either, so you can work on it anywhere.

In addition, you can also become a consultant for various companies and are not tied to just one company. This work is not time-bound and can be very flexible.

Become a server provider

Along with the development of technology, some websites require a server to accommodate visitors that come. The more crowded a website is, the larger the server is needed. If you know this field, you can start a business by providing servers for various websites.

Become a graphic designer

The graphic designer services business is quite a profitable business in the field of IT technology. Especially if you have experience, a reputation, and an interesting portfolio. These things will further increase your chances of getting the project and increase your marketability. To start this business you need supporting hardware and software.

Become a social media consultant

The use of social media in everyday life is also inextricably linked. Many product ads are currently appearing on various social media. This is very profitable for business people because the ads provided are spot on.

The increase in social media advertising has had an impact on the emergence of a new profession, namely the social media consultant. You may offer analytics services on advertising effectiveness on certain social media and provide relevant social media recommendations to business people who use your services.

Become an IT consultant

Becoming an IT consultant is a business opportunity in the field of TKJ that has a wide spectrum. You can become a consultant for everything from CCTV installation services, in-office networks, and device services to automatic security alarms.

You can also combine it with buying and selling related devices. This can encourage consumers to use your services and buy the products you offer.

Become a web designer

Unlike web developers who focus on developing websites, web designers focus on making website designs more attractive. This work is usually required by website owners who are quite large and need a design that fits the theme of the company.

Of course, every company needs a unique appearance and leaves a good impression on website visitors. Therefore, the role of web designers is very important. The more attractive your portfolio is, the more value you can offer your customers.

Become an Android game developer

One form of application that is most commonly used on smartphones is games. The type and number of games currently available are also increasing every time. Various games from different genres are also constantly being produced.

You can capitalize on this momentum as a promising application-based business opportunity. This is because Android game development does not require a very large capital. In addition, you can also create your own game that you want to create, including the genre that will be raised.

Provision of 3D printing services

3D printing services are the latest technology business that is much needed right now. This is because 3D printing is considered to be more efficient and detailed in making a product. However, the required capital is also quite large. Therefore, you need to build a wide social network to attract more consumers.

Become a professional gamer

Who would have thought that being a professional gamer could also bring good luck? You can pick a few games that interest you and then keep going until you become a pro. Various gaming tournaments offer fairly large prizes.

This is certainly very interesting if you are interested in the world of gaming. Especially if your name is already well known, game developers may need your services to rate the games they are about to release.

Become a Gadget Reviewer

Various gadgets are regenerated each time. One of the professions that appeared with the new version is the gadget reviewer. In the past, gadget reviewers were only tasked with rating gadgets and publishing reviews in the form of magazine articles, but now gadget reviewers can rate in the form of videos uploaded to YouTube or other social media.

The money gadget reviewers make generally comes from viewers and ads on private YouTube channels or gadget makers. However, you must provide as accurate a rating as possible for readers and viewers to be helped by the rating you provide.

Become a product photographer

Product photography is still a little sought-after profession in the field of IT technology. As a product photographer, you need to create photos that show the attractive side of a product and can increase consumer interest in purchasing the product.

There are many companies in the field of IT technology that can be used and are quite profitable as the technology is currently growing. You can start learning specific skills in the many online courses available. You can also join groups or communities that learn the same thing as a sharing place.

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