Some individuals are troubled by “YouTube Shorts not showing up,” while others are bothered by the inquiry “how to get rid of Shorts from YouTube.” This article concentrates on the latter as well as information on exactly how to disable YouTube Shorts in 4 various methods:

Disable YouTube Shorts by changing YouTube Settings

Disable YouTube Shorts by noting Shorts video clips “Not Fascinated.”

Downgrade the YouTube application variation.

Use YouTube Vanced.


# 1. Readjust Your YouTube Settings.


You can try readjusting your YouTube Setups to eliminate Shorts from YouTube, as well as here are the steps:

  1. Tap your avatar on the leading and also pick Settings.
  2. Faucet on the General choice from the Settings food selection.
  3. Switch off the Shorts.
  4. Reactivate YouTube.

This way is only viable for some YouTube individuals. If you locate by doing this is not available on your phone, please attempt the following method.


# 2: Make Shorts “Not Fascinated”


There is an awkward trick to disable YouTube Shorts– click the three dots at the top right edge of the Shorts video and tap on the Not Intrigued choice; then, repeat these operations till all the Shorts video clips will not turn up again on your homepage.


# 3: Devalue the YouTube APP Version


YouTube Shorts is a brand-new attribute that comes with the new variations of the YouTube app (looking from YouTube 14.13.54 (1413542300)). Devaluing the YouTube application variation to 14.12.56 (1412563300) can disable YouTube Shorts conveniently and quickly.

For that, you need to:

  1. Accessibility of the Settings.
  2. Most likely to the path: Apps > All Apps > YouTube.
  3. Faucet on the three dots, and after that, the Uninstall updates.


# 4. Use YouTube Vanced


You can additionally change the YouTube application with the YouTube Vanced application. The YouTube Vanced app gives a simple way to disable YouTube Shorts. It is free to use and has excellent features like an adblocker, background playback, etc.

To disable YouTube Shorts using this application, you require to:

  1. Obtain the YouTube Vanced application.
  2. Open up the application and, most likely, go to the Setups menu.
  3. Discover the choices: Vanced settings > Advertisement settings.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom to find the Shorts rack.
  5. Switch on its button to disable YouTube Shorts.


You can choose one of the above four means to eliminate Shorts from YouTube. There is still a technique to disable Youtube shorts and utilize YouTube in a web browser. As we understand, the YouTube Shorts function is only offered on the YouTube app on Phones.




Exactly how to eliminate Shorts from YouTube? Four methods, as well as one method, have been presented in this article. It is your resort to give one of them a try. If you have any questions when disabling YouTube Shorts, you can leave them in the remark zone, and we will certainly attempt to address them.


YouTube Algorithm’s Timeline: 2005 to the here and now

You posted the initial video on YouTube in 2005. But presently, it has 2 billion individuals and over 500 hrs of videos published daily.

How did the algorithm reinforce from 1 video to 500 hours of video every min? Let’s complete the space.


It was everything about Sights (2005-2012).


High-quality user experience wasn’t YouTube’s intention from its start. For the very first seven years, it rewarded video clips that obtained a greater variety of clicks or views.

Content designers misused this algorithm technique and fooled individuals into obtaining even more views since.

– Clickbait video titles.

– Appealing thumbnails.

YouTube individuals felt upset with this experience. In these seven years, they had gotten to new elevations. With over 72 hrs of a video published every min, YouTube has become the next huge point.


There was an extreme bump in its customer base. And also, to retain the trust fund of its customers and keep them engaged, YouTube realized there was a demand to fine-tune its algorithm.


Go Into Watch Time (2012 ).


To tackle this misuse of clicks and sights and boost their customer experience, YouTube announced an update in 2012. They prioritized considering videos with higher interest time; videos that customers want to watch would eventually lead them to spend even more time on the platform.

Many web content designers boosted their video spans to make people stay with their clips longer, boosting their watch time. Yet, YouTube needed help to offer what an individual customer was searching for it.


Introduction of Machine Learning (2016 ).


Machine learning changed the complete customer experience of a YouTube individual. In 2016, YouTube introduced a white paper on the market.

The paper detailed how YouTube would use machine learning and deep semantic networks for its recommendation system.

Yet they were mystical again, similar to Coca-Cola’s with their secret dish. With all the jargon, it was complicated and puzzling to comprehend what it suggested. Even if you call your good techy friend to discuss what remains in it, the most effective they would understand and inform you is that YouTube means to boost the individual experience.


It’s still an enigma that’s under the formula’s hood. Still, we understand that YouTube focuses on hooking users right into valuable, addictive web content based on their interest rate.


What happened between 2016– 2022?


Numerous concerns have been floating in the direction of YouTube related to the sort of advised videos YouTube’s algorithm promotes. To tackle all the elevated fingers, YouTube claims that the changes made in early 2019 to its formula have led to a 70% decline in checking out “borderline” web content.

” What’s that?” you may believe. The web content is within the limits of YouTube guidelines yet is misleading and unsafe.

Susan Wojcicki, YouTube’s chief executive officer, claimed that YouTube is taking full responsibility and doing its work seriously to quit dispersing hazardous information. Additionally, YouTube’s algorithm demonetized video clips that alluded to the presence of the novel coronavirus.

There’s dynamic growth in YouTube’s algorithm, and if you are a severe YouTube creator, you must be knowledgeable about it. Being a maker, you need to be comprehensive in your web content, not break any kind of policies, and also not review the limits during any vibrant circumstances like the coronavirus.

Suppose you do not stay within the guidelines. In that case, the YouTube algorithm won’t appreciate the numbers you are making and will quickly demonetize your video clip or network if it locates something undesirable. After these 16 years of journey, how does the formula work now?


You can additionally change the YouTube app with the YouTube Vanced app. The YouTube Vanced app supplies a simple method to disable YouTube Shorts. You can choose one of the above four ways to eliminate Shorts from YouTube. There is still a trick to disabling Youtube shorts, and it utilizes YouTube in a browser. As we know, the YouTube Shorts feature is only available on the YouTube app on Phones.


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