5 advantages of the Vivo V25e with various improvements


In 2022, Vivo will become increasingly aggressive in producing smartphones with various advanced features and qualified specifications. This time, one of Indonesia’s biggest brands has officially inaugurated its latest product, Vivo V25e. This smartphone from Vivo has been equipped with some significant improvements, especially in the performance and camera area.

Several improvements that are the advantages of the Vivo V25e are certainly being carried out to compete in the mid-range segment. Of course, for those of you who need a mobile phone with advanced specifications to support various activities, especially photography and videography hobbies, you can consider the Vivo V25e. What are the advantages of the Vivo V25e in question? Come on, see the explanation below.

The unique lightweight body design

The advantages of the first Vivo V25e lie in its ergonomic design with high durability. The color-changing glass that is the hallmark of this cell phone from Vivo allows it to display color changes in the body when exposed to sunlight. In addition, the Vivo V25e carries a minimalist flat frame design concept to give a luxurious and high-quality impression.

Thanks to a slim body of 7.79mm and light weight of 183g compared to its previous series, this smartphone guarantees the comfort of every user. Just like other V25 series, Vivo V25e uses a curved glass design with solid metal body edges. In addition, this mobile phone is supported by the advanced IP54 technology, which makes it splash-proof, making it appear more resistant and durable.

High brightness AMOLED display

The screen is one of the advantages of the Vivo V25e, this smartphone has a fairly ideal screen size of 6.44 inches. The screen becomes more luxurious with AMOLED panels and Full HD + 1080×2404 pixel resolution, which receives several improvements to provide comfort. In addition, this latest Vivo mobile phone has a high refresh rate of up to 90Hz, which makes the animation display and movement on the screen smoother.

In addition, the Vivo V25e has fairly high screen brightness of 1300 nits. With a high brightness level, content such as playing games or watching videos can be seen clearly on the screen even under the hot sun. The advantages of the Vivo V25e also lie in the Widevine L1 certification, which allows users to play movies on different platforms with HDR10+ content playback resolution.

Powered by a reliable chipset in its class

Moving on to the performance range, which is also an advantage of the Vivo V25e, this latest Vivo mobile phone uses the MediaTek Helio G99 chipset, which is equipped with an octa-core CPU with two high-performance processors capable of speeds up to 2.2 GHz run It has fast and reliable performance. The Mali G77 graphics processor is also embedded in this mobile phone, allowing users to run many applications and play games at the same time.

The chipset is one of the most important components of a smartphone. Inside the chipset are the CPU, GPU, modem, ISP, NSP, DSP, memory, and others. In a chipset, the package is a controller for video, audio, and screen display, support for the RAM used, and a modem so that the cell phone can access the Internet. The latest chipsets are now also equipped with fast charging functions and AI components.

The function of the chipset on Android phones and iPhones is to manage various computing tasks and connect various hardware in the mobile phone. The chipset plays an important role in connecting the CPU, GPU, memory, GPS, and more. The components in the chipset regulate data processing, graphics, cameras, modems, and everything a smartphone needs.

In addition, the manufacturing process receives improvements that make the Helio G99 chipset up to 30% more energy efficient compared to the chipset of the previous series. Additionally, the Vivo V25e officially comes with an 8GB RAM variant with up to 16GB of total storage. Whereby this smartphone is equipped with the extended RAM feature to increase the virtual RAM capacity of 8GB, which makes the smartphone performance faster without lag.

Quality camera with quality features

The camera line is the next benefit of the Vivo V25e, as it comes with the capability of a high-resolution 64MP OIS night camera in its class. For the main camera, the Vivo V25e adopts the Samsung ISOCELL GW1 sensor technology with Optical Image Stabilization or OIS on this camera, capable of producing clear and sharp color quality images as well as perfect shooting levels.

OIS itself has the main function of moving the phone camera lens parallel to the image plane. Thus, this function ensures that the photos remain stable without blurring even with shaking. In addition to the main camera, this phone is equipped with a 2MP depth camera and a 2MP macro camera with an OmniVision sensor. For the front camera, Vivo integrates a camera with a 32 MP resolution that can capture moments spectacularly.

Fast charging capability and sophisticated functions

The final advantage of the Vivo V25 is in the battery section with a capacity of 4500mAh, equipped with 44W FastCharge fast charging and 24 Dimension Security Protection to protect the battery while charging. Equipped with 44 W FlashCharge technology, this mobile phone is said to be able to charge up to 60 percent in just 30 minutes.

In addition, there are various interesting features that the Vivo V25e carries, such as Bluetooth 5.2, USB Type-C, NFC, or Near-Field Communication, up to quite good protection support that is IP54 certified.

Well, these are some of the advantages of the Vivo V25e that come with various improvements. Although these advantages can be your consideration before you decide to do so. You can easily get the Vivo V25e online through Eraspace. Also, there is a pre-order promo that has an opportunity to collect Eraclub points. For more information please click here.

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