7 advanced tools in agriculture as a result of technological developments


The sophistication of technology makes all our work easier. In the agricultural sector, various sophisticated tools were introduced to speed up the cultivation process. Let’s get to know what modern farming tools are today!

Technological developments touch all aspects of life. The more sophisticated agricultural technology makes us greater opportunities in developing agricultural businesses.

The presence of various sophisticated machines and tools will make it easier for us to manage agricultural land. From planting, and caring, to harvesting, we can now help with innovative innovation tools in agriculture. Together with BP-Guide, let’s take a peek at the functions of today’s modern agricultural tools.

Functions of Modern Farming Tools

1. Shorten Working Time

It is undeniable that one of the factors that made the increase in the success of farming is the presence of more modern and practical agricultural tools. In an era that is instantaneous like now, various breakthroughs have been made by large companies to make modern agricultural tools. This is done to meet the needs of farmers to make it easier to cultivate their land.

So it will be very unfortunate if farmers are not familiar with various technologies in modern agriculture. Because with the help of these various tools, farmers can work with maximum results. Modern farming tools can make farmers work in large areas quickly and make their working time shorter.

2. Boost the Economy

The agricultural sector is one of the components of national development. If agriculture is advanced, we can go towards self-sufficiency in food to participate in terms of alleviating poverty. When agricultural products are abundant and we can be self-sufficient in food, of course, it means that our economy will improve even more.

One way is to use agricultural machinery on a large scale for land processing up to the harvest and post-harvest stages. By using various modern tools in agriculture, agricultural business activities become modern agriculture to get maximum results.

3. Lighten the Workload

Through agriculture, the state can meet the needs of food, clothing, and housing. Therefore, the presence of modern agricultural tools will be very important in farming activities. The workload of farmers is also reduced.

4. Facilitate Land Maintenance

Nowadays land maintenance is easier to do with the help of various modern tools. Good at planting, waiting for harvest, until harvest time. The land will be easier to care for, the plants are also more fertile, and the results are more abundant.

10 Kinds of Modern Agricultural Tools

1. Tractor

The use of modern tools and machines can certainly speed up the processing of agricultural production. Tractors are one of the tools that most support farmers’ activities in terms of land cultivation.

This Kubota KRT-140 tractor can be one of the tools used to cultivate the land more easily.

By using a Kubota diesel engine as the driving force, this tractor has a Direct Injection system that produces responsive power and is fuel efficient.

2. Rotavator

Furthermore, there is a tool called a rotavator that can help the farming process to make it easier to do. This is a tool that can be used to prepare the soil so that it is more ready for planting. This motorized machine comes with rotating blades to turn the ground.

The Howard Rotavator B16 Light Duty is our recommendation for the next modern farming tool. Comes in 3 standard working widths of 125, 155, and 180 cm, this product is most suitable for use in rice fields and fields. Can also be used for small horsepower tractors.

3. Plate rake

Before planting seeds, farmers need to carry out tillage. This must be done properly and correctly so that later the planting process can be better and the planted seeds can be more fruitful. The farmers need a plate rake for this.

This tool is useful for cleaning grass. Also, it can be used to cover freshly seeded soil. With small discs, this tool tills flat soil on farmland. A disc harrow can turn a large amount of soil.

4. Potato Planter

Planting potato seeds requires a lot of energy. Using a potato planter can reduce the number of planters with better performance. Not only can you use this tool to grow potatoes, but you can also grow garlic.

This Saam TK1 potato planting tool could be the right choice for you. This tool can be used on two-wheel tractors with a power of 8-12 hp, can form mounds, fertilize and also support the planting process at the same time. This tool with dimensions of 620 x 500 x 700 mm weights 30 kg.

5. Rice cultivator

The automatic rice planter is also classified as a modern farming tool. This machine simplifies rice seed planting with a simultaneous planting system. This easy-to-use tool is the right solution in case of downsizing in agriculture.

This TPDI-22 type rice planter can be your choice. This product can plant 2 rows in operation. Easy to operate by pulling with both hands, you can plant and adjust with a distance of about 210-250 mm.

6. Corn Cultivator

A tool for quick corn cultivation is one of the innovations in agriculture. This tool places the plant seeds above or below the soil surface. Thus, the process of planting in corn fields can be carried out faster and more effectively.

This corn and grain planting tool can be a very helpful farming tool. This AGR-PN22-type tool can be used on land at a distance of 22cm.

With this tool, you can grow corn, beans, and soybeans. Already equipped with parts with corresponding holes, this tool does not tire you.

7. Sugar Cane Harvester

Harvesting sugar cane becomes faster and easier when you use a cane harvester. Sugar cane harvesters have been developed since the 1920s.

This machine is capable of trimming sugar cane leaves and cutting sugar cane into smaller stalks. After that, the cane is placed in a bin or poured into a hunting box that is pulled by a tractor and moved with the machine.

This mini sugar cane harvester can be used to help harvest sugar cane stalks. More yield in a short time, harvesting work is done faster. This tool uses up to 20 liters of fuel per hectare with a working capacity of fewer than 0.13 hectares per hour.

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