7 future technologies that smartphone users expect


The development of smartphones has increased significantly from year to year. Starting with the design and functionality of the technology in it. No wonder the current smartphone function is not only sending messages or making phone calls, but also enjoying entertainment and supporting work activities that can be realized through smartphones.

Therefore, the future technology on smartphones is expected to be further developed so that it can meet the needs of its users by facilitating various activities. No wonder many people expect a range of future technologies in smartphones. What technique do you mean? Come on, see the explanation below.

Frameless screen display

The hope of future technology in smartphones is the first smartphone screen display without a frame. Along with the hole and notch, the bezel is likely to be lost on smartphones in the future. Most smartphones that have thick bezels at the top and bottom are not without purpose.
Whereby it serves as a connection screen to the motherboard, which is located below. The bezel display is mostly found in entry-level and mid-range smartphones. Although there are already smartphones with thin bezel displays, they are quite expensive, so it is hoped that future technologies will be able to realize all smartphone displays without bezels.

Best under-screen selfie camera support

It can be said that this next future technology has been applied in several smartphone models like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3, ZTE Axon 30, and the Xiaomi Mix 4 with an under-screen selfie camera. However, the technology presented was not maximized with poor quality photos, especially in low light conditions.
It is undeniable that this one future technology needs a further development process, not only from the software side but also from the hardware side that has to be considered like cameras and screen panels.

Minimal bloatware

For most smartphone users, bloatware or standard applications become one of the most annoying things because not only are they rarely used, even almost unused, but their presence eats up storage space. Also, bloatware is constantly running in the background, which affects the overall performance of the smartphone.
Therefore, future technologies on smartphones are expected to be minimized or even eliminated. This is especially true for mid-range and flagship smartphones.

6G network

Although the 5G network itself is relatively new and its distribution is not evenly distributed at the moment, it is expected that the future technology will be able to provide a much faster network, namely 6G. 5G itself has exceptional speeds when used to access the internet. However, many technology companies are interested in expanding this network to 6G.
While it’s still a long way off, the development of 6G networks in the future will be facilitated with the help of AI that supports, designs, and optimizes 6G networks in the future.

eSIM replaces physical SIM card
With the development of technologies that allow almost everything to be applied to the digital version, it is expected that future technologies will be able to switch physical SIM cards to eSIMs. Where eSIM offers the use of a digital SIM card, which allows the use of multiple providers in one smartphone.
However, this very interesting and simple concept certainly requires a lot of time in the development process to be able to replace the role of a physical SIM card. There are currently several smartphones that already support the use of eSIM.

Graphene batteries
At present, the batteries used by various smartphones still use lithium-ion materials, with the quality continuing to decline year by year. This disrupts the user experience on his smartphone. Therefore, it is expected that future technology will switch the use of batteries to graphene material with several advantages.
Starting from materials that are lighter, tougher, more flexible, and also have greater capacity. This affects the appearance of a thinner smartphone body, even though it has a jumbo capacity.

Wireless over-the-air charging system
The last expected future technology is wireless charging systems, also known as wireless charging. Where wireless charging without a charging station is expected, namely over the air. This will improve the existing wireless charging system. Nevertheless, it still requires a further development process to be able to use it in the best possible way.

These are several future technologies that are expected to be adopted by smartphones. Although the development process certainly takes a long time, you can enjoy the technology that currently exists on a smartphone. You can still enjoy a range of advanced technologies presented by most smartphone brands today.
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