7 of the world’s most advanced human-made robots


A robot is a tool that can support various human jobs. Since ancient times, humans have been using robots to facilitate all activities. In the past, the shape of the robot was not like today, the robot in ancient times did not use a power source and used a computer as a brain to process data and commands.

But now, in this era of technological advancement, the technology of manufacturing robots is also advancing rapidly. It has been proven how easy it is for us to find robots in our daily lives. For example, the car industry uses robotic arms to speed up the process of assembling car parts. Here are 10 advanced robots ever made by humans.

1. The UGV war robot Rip Saw MS1, an unmanned super tank

The Ripsaw MS1 UGV war robot is a military robot equipped with a machine with extraordinary abilities. This huge vehicle is a military tactical robot with a relatively high speed and can cross all fields with its strength and size.

This robot is shaped like a tank with a tubular frame. Everything is modeled after building NASCAR cars and huge trucks. Because it is built with the same technology as NASCAR, namely with a tube frame, this robot is lighter and the frame is stronger.

This robot is powered by a 6.6 liter V8 diesel engine capable of producing 650 hp and a top speed of 125 km/h. Where everything can be controlled remotely via a remote command center station. This allows this robot to be controlled from anywhere as it uses radio signals that can reach great distances.

Amazingly, the Ripsaw can quickly autoload its ammo and switch ammo types in a matter of seconds. This spooky vehicle can also be used to control the crowd when there is a riot where the police cannot intervene. This is one of the most advanced multipurpose robots in the world and is already in the United States.

2. Uranium-9 combat robot

Of course, when robots go to war, they won’t fight as we do. They could fly through the air with propellers or sail across the seas like giant torpedoes. Or maybe like in Russia, they take the form of tanks that can roll on the battlefield without anyone inside.

The Uranium 9 is an unmanned ground combat vehicle or tank-shaped robot. This is the end of the long journey of the Russian state in its efforts to create robots for war. Like the robots created before, this robot never descended onto the battlefield.

Equipped with a machine gun, 30mm cannon, and rockets. Well designed as a command robot, this robot is backed by a fireproof coating that allows it to accompany soldiers onto the battlefield.

3. Alpha Dog’s advanced robot

Alpha Dog is a robot shaped like a big dog, no matter if you ignore it, this robot has fully evolved into a giant robot. A robot that can walk on legs and stand up to an adult’s chest height has been developed by Boston Dynamics. In addition, it is also capable of carrying a 400-pound or 181-kilogram payload and can survive without falling even when kicked hard.

Part of Boston Dynamics’ Legged Squad Support System (LS3) project, funded by DARPA and the United States Marine Corps, this robot is intended to support soldiers on the battlefield and carry equipment and ammunition.

Although it’s far from finished, Alpha Dog gives the impression of a robot that can replace the role of animals in carrying loads in all areas.

4. Cheetah’s fastest robot, a four-legged robot that can run faster than Usain Bolt

A headless robot developed at the expense of the Pentagon, USA. When tested on a treadmill, this robot was able to reach a top speed of 28.3 miles/hour or 45 km/hour. The running speed is slightly faster than Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, who can run at a speed of 27.78 miles/hour or 44.7 km/hour.

The development of the Cheetah robot is part of a military project in its effort to develop robots for military use. It is not excluded if in the future the Cheetah robot will also have the ability to kill like a real cheetah animal.

Now comes the latest version of the cheetah robot named Wild Cat, it can walk freely on the ground at a speed of 16 miles/hour or 26 km/hour. Although slower, the wild cat no longer requires support or security when running, this is different from the cheetah, which can only walk on a treadmill and needs support to avoid falling.

5. Japanese robot ASIMO, an intelligent robot with human-like abilities

It’s not complete if we discuss robots but don’t include ASIMO in it. The robot has been manufactured by automobile giant Honda Motor Co., Ltd. since 1986. developed. ASIMO stands for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility. This robot is one of the most advanced robots in the world as it can walk like a human and also run at a speed of 6km/h.

The appearance of this robot is like an astronaut using his space suit and carrying a big backpack on his back. With a height of 130 cm and a weight of 54 kg, this robot looks like a human. ASIMO is also endowed with visual abilities, seeing with the camera on the head is really like a human, isn’t it?

In addition, the ability to interact with the environment makes this robot worthy of being included in the list of the most advanced robots in the world.

6. The most advanced humanoid robot, Atlas

A defense contractor has launched a humanoid robot that is one of the most advanced robots the world has ever built. As part of the DARPA Virtual Robotics Challenge project in Waltham, Mass.
ATLAS is a giant human-robot controlled by a human operator assisted by sensors, hydraulic motion systems, and other limbs to make the robot move naturally in different conditions.

This robot can walk, climb stairs, stay upright even after strong pushing and overcome all obstacles in different areas. This allows it to be used in emergencies, such as a natural disasters.

7. Newest robot handle, wheeled humanoid robot

The handle is the latest robot model from Boston Dynamics. It is part of the development of the earlier humanoid robot Atlas. Based on the desire to create a robot that has never done anything we have never seen before it create the most advanced humanoid robot ever.

The wheel is an extraordinary invention, said Marc Reibert, founder and president of Boston Dynamics. Handle uses a hybrid system that combines arm and wheel robots, making the robot the most advanced robot in the world in two categories (wheel and arm robots).

This robot can perform various tasks that are very helpful for humans. This robot can carry a box weighing 45 kg, and jump and walk downstairs.

But, unfortunately, this robot is still in the development phase and cannot be sold to the public and is still inferior to the four-legged and two-legged robots of its predecessors, since the use of wheels leads to the fact that the robot’s degrees of freedom decrease and the movement of the robot become less complex.

Which robot do you think is the most sophisticated and deserves the title of the most advanced robot in the world? When you see all these robots you must be confused. The above robots are still evolving and the robots will be more sophisticated. In closing, I hope this information can inspire you.

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