Artificial intelligence technology in business and its application


The development of technology today is very clear to see the sophistication given, as well as the effects obtained from that sophistication, both positive and negative. One of the most prevalent technological sophistication and benefits is AI or artificial intelligence.

AI, which stands for artificial intelligence, is the most advanced technology that can make it easier for humans to carry out all their activities. AI or what can also be referred to as artificial intelligence is a system that can imitate human intelligence and then apply it to technology.

This artificial intelligence system could support many activities in human daily life that can do many things. Perhaps there are still many people who believe that artificial intelligence or AI will not be able to be used or its benefits for several years, when in fact there are already people using it.

The many implications of this AI technology, which can effectively help a company, make many companies use it for their business. Of course, this serves to build and improve your business, AI can also boost a country’s economy.

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Application of AI in the business world

There are some uses of AI in the business world that you can see, here are some of the uses of AI in everyday life.

1. Operation

One of the applications of AI in the business world is in operations in various sectors. As in retail, AI can apply to self-checkout systems. This technology can help customers scan and pay for the products they buy without a cashier present, which is currently being implemented.

Another popular AI application in this space is predictive maintenance. AI technology can help with the predictive maintenance of robots or machines in factories, allowing companies to minimize disruptions to operating systems.

2. Customer Service

Next is one of the most common AI applications, namely in customer service. One type of AI that aims to increase customer satisfaction is natural language processing (NLP) and machine vision, which are used to identify customers.

With machine vision, companies can contact and reply to customers automatically and quickly. Another application of NLP is called classification, which identifies what customers want and can focus their activities on things of high value to those customers.

3. HR

The application of AI in the business world finds application in HR in the hiring process. What, artificial intelligence plays a role here to find candidates whose qualifications match the requirements and can evaluate the results of their assessments. This process can be likened to a prediction team at hiring.

AI can also help with HR retention management, where the HR team can predict employees who have the potential to leave. So companies can take action to increase employee satisfaction at work before it happens to keep them.

4. Health

Then we came across many applications of AI in the healthcare sector. One of them is patient data analysis, which can analyze patient data or third-party data to generate insights and make suggestions. In addition, it can provide solutions for patients by using historical data and patient genetic profiles.

Another application is drug discovery, where pharmaceutical companies can design or develop new drugs based on data and medical intelligence. With AI technology, companies can reduce R&D costs and increase the speed at which new medicines are developed.

5. Finances

Finally, the application of AI in finance. One of them is fraud detection, where the machine can detect abnormal and misleading financial behavior. This can help financial institutions highlight operational costs.

AI technology can also be applied to lending by using predictive models. This allows financial institutions to identify bad debts and the collection process to highlight disputes and verify collection success rates.

Benefits of artificial intelligence (AI)

AI technology has many advantages that can have a good impact, especially in today’s business world. So here are the benefits of AI technology or artificial intelligence that you need to know more about.

1. Make keyword searches easier

The first advantage of AI or artificial intelligence is that it can make it easier for you to search for information or a keyword. This artificial intelligence can help customers find what they are looking for so they can focus more on the topic that interests them.

From this, the AI system will also help customers to make decisions quickly and be closer to the customer.

2. To analyze data

AI technology in the business world is certainly widely used to be able to analyze different types of data. Like when you search for interesting fashion on a platform, the AI system automatically collects all related data and then analyzes it.

In the business world, this is very beneficial for the company or the business owner as it helps them to find the right target market.

3. Correct data accurately

In addition, the presence of AI technology can help you correct data accurately or precisely. Just like when the AI system can detect errors that are present in data or documents and make them even better. This is certainly very useful to know when an application or system is corrupted or corrupted due to an error when entering data.

4. Increase sales

Of course, the benefit of having very good AI in the business world is that it can increase sales of the products or services you sell. The help of AI in the sales process, is very helpful, especially for making ads more effective. So that the company can also market or promote its products to the right target market and successfully make sales that can increase sales.

5. Can serve for 24 hours

The benefit of AI technology in other business worlds is that it helps serve customers 24 hours a day in real-time. Customers don’t have to wait too long to get the response they want from business owners. In addition, your company can save further costs by using AI in customer service, of course without having to pay expensive fees every month.

6. Closer to the customer

The final benefit that comes from the presence of AI technology is that it can be closer to your customers. The automated AI system is of course very useful for collecting data about the needs of its customers. From there you will also learn about the behavior, lifestyle, and tastes of the customers which you can then analyze into very useful data for future business.

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