Come, get to know Digital Activation and its advantages in digital marketing!


As technology advances, new ways of promoting a product will emerge. One of them is digital activation. This is useful for business people developing a product. So what are the benefits of digital activation?

What is digital activation?

A digital activation is a form of brand promotion to customers by interacting with various activities of a brand to capture customers’ attention. Of course, the method is used to grab customers’ attention digitally. The aim is to increase brand awareness and increase customer interest.

Before doing digital activation, you should do some research first. The results of the research can be used as your target market. This makes it easier for you to decide which digital activation steps are right for you.

Digital activation is an activity that can be done online or offline. When it’s online, it does so through social media activity, while offline it doesn’t happen through direct interaction with customers.

Making a digital activation strategy successful requires a strong emotional connection with the customer. This can determine the success and quality of the interactions created.

Digital activation types:

Here are some types of digital activation:

1. Activation of digital marketing

Direct Marketing Activation is a type of digital activation where the brand is in direct contact with consumers. Examples of this are activation through print media, sampling, activation carried out directly in the store, and so on.

2. Social Media Activation

Social Media Activation is a type of activation where the brand engages with customers through social media activity. Examples of this are activities on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

3. Promotion Activation

Promotion Activation is a form that includes promotions related to your product. Examples include discounts, raffles, new product launches, and so on.

4. Activation of Marketing Events

Marketing event activation is a type of activation done by creating specific events. Examples like exhibitions, arena games, and so on.

5. Sponsorship Activation

Sponsorship activation is a type of activation where the brand contributes funds for an activity. For example, the financing of sporting activities.

These forms of digital activation can be combined. These can be combined according to the needs and characteristics of your target customers.

Digital activation strategy

Some strategy to keep in mind when performing digital activation steps, namely having a communication goal in place. Plan the desired communication goal and adapt it to your brand. You should do your research first so that you can get to your target market. Once you have done this, your steps in the future will be easier.

Determine how much communication to build with the audience. You need to build a good relationship with your customers and improve communication between you and your customers. To make consumers feel close to you. This makes it more convenient for consumers to use your product.

You can also determine the number of products that will be dispensed, you can also determine the sales target, and you can determine how much this activation affects your consumer’s perception.

If you are just starting your business journey, this is one of the important steps to pay special attention to. Do it carefully and in a planned manner so that you get maximum results as well.

Benefits of using digital activation

Faster results

Digital activation relied on the internet network. This means that the steps and processes performed have a faster chance. This process reaches consumers and can increase brand awareness. If consumers already know your brand, take advantage of it.

Fast preparation

The digital age offers faster access to introduce customers to a brand. The methods used vary, ranging from promotions to discounts. All of this can be done to generate consumer interest in your products.

Sustainable Campaign

Digital activation offers everyone the opportunity to do their research. There are many forms of activation that can be used. However, not all forms of activation may work as expected. Several activation steps show satisfactory results and some do not. This can be used as knowledge to create a sustainable campaign.

There is feedback

Feedback is very important to keep a brand alive. This feedback usually takes the form of suggestions, input, and criticism. This feedback makes it easier for you to evaluate your product.

Benefits of Digital Activation

Digital activation offers several benefits, including the following:

1. Collection of Customer Data

You may request customer data when customers participate in activities related to the digital activation of your product. When you visit your stand during a trade fair, you can request customer data. The aim is for you to know the characteristics of future customers.

2. Get feedback

Digital activation occurs in both directions between the brand and the customer. Therefore, you can ask for and receive customer feedback on the products you offer.

3. Strengthen your brand position

Digital activation is useful for increasing brand awareness, brand switching, and brand loyalty. As these things increase, your position in the market will automatically become stronger.

4. Reach new customers

Digital activation can reach new customers. As a rule, customers who already understand and understand your product have their own experiences with the product. This leads to customers recommending your product based on their experience. This does not exclude that new customers are interested in your product.

This suggests that as technology advances, new ways of promoting a product will inevitably emerge. One of them is digital activation.

The definition of Digital Activation is a form of brand promotion activities with customers through interaction with various activities of a brand to attract customers’ attention. The aim is to increase brand awareness and increase customer interest.

The types of Digital Activation, namely Digital Marketing Activation, Social Media Activation, Promotion Activation, Marketing Event Activation, and Sponsorship Activation. By using Digital Activation, you can also get benefits that can improve your business, including faster preparation and results, and you can run ongoing campaigns as well.

When building digital enablement for your business, you can’t do it at random. You need to do some research first to determine the target market before doing the digital activation so it’s spot on.

Therefore, if you don’t have these skills, you can turn them over to a marketing agency so that your business leadership becomes more focused and you can focus on the goals you want to achieve.

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