Getting to know the environmentally friendly technology


Have you heard the news that someone has an electric car? Or are you the one using it? Cool people! This includes efforts to protect the environment and use existing natural resources. Where from? Of course, I can. Curious, are there any examples of green technology other than electric cars? C’mon, read on for the explanation below! Oh yes, you also learn this material in the 9th grade of secondary school.

What is green technology?

Eco-friendly technology, as the name suggests, is a technology that uses environmentally friendly raw materials in its manufacture and application. In addition, the manufacturing process is also effective and efficient up to its implementation. Oh yes, the waste generated by eco-friendly technology should also be low in order not to cause pollution.

Benefits of green technology

Now that you know what green technology means. Now let’s talk about the life or environmental benefits, what is it?

Has no negative impact on the environment.

The use of environmentally friendly technologies will certainly help us to reduce the environmental impact of increasing concern at present. The existence of environmentally friendly technologies means that existing waste and natural resources are used properly. For example biogas, it comes from waste, folks. Then it is converted into gas.

Use natural resources.

Our natural resources are very abundant folks. It’s a shame if it’s not put to good use. Therefore, using environmentally friendly technology means that we have used natural resources wisely.

Reducing the risk of environmental pollution.

The more modern the technology used today, the more people are sometimes unaware that their actions are damaging to nature. The materials used often cause environmental pollution. Well, with the use of green technologies, the impact of pollution is reduced. Of course, the technology used also uses natural resources.

save costs

Because environmentally friendly technology uses natural resources, even waste. This means its use saves further costs. Although the manufacturing process of the technology usually requires a lot of money, a lot of money is saved afterward.

Examples of environmentally friendly technologies
What are some examples of technology folks? Can you already name one of them? This is an example of green technology.

Do you know what biogas is? Broken down literally, “bio” means living organisms and “gas” means air-like substances. So if biogas is natural gas produced from the fermentation of organic material or living organisms, e.g. e.g. feces/animal manure and organic waste (vegetables, leaves, or rotten fruit).
The main components of biogas are methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Well, because of this content, biogas can be used as fuel for stoves and vehicles.

The next green technology is windmills. Well, if that’s used to generate electricity, you know, folks. There are so many in the Netherlands, that’s why the Netherlands is called the land of windmills.
The working of windmills in electricity is to use the principle of energy conversion. The method is very simple. Wind energy will rotate/move the turbine, then from this rotation, it will be connected to a generator. So that’s where the power comes from. Because it uses nature, it is naturally included in the eco-friendly category.

solar panel
Have you ever heard of people using solar or solar energy to generate electricity? Yes, you heard right. Solar energy can be converted into electrical energy through the use of solar panels.
Solar panels are devices that can convert solar energy into electricity through the flow of electrons in a solar cell. The electric current occurs because the photon energy of sunlight manages to free the electrons in the N-type and P-type semiconductor junctions to flow.
Oh yeah, guys. It turns out that this solar cell also has a positive leg and a negative leg that connects to some device or circuit, such as a battery. B. a house lamp or other electronic devices that require electrical energy. Simply put, solar panels absorb sunlight and store it in a battery. Well, if there are devices that need power, the energy in the battery can be used.

electric car
Folks, have you heard about types of electric cars like BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle), HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle), PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle), and FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle) or not? Well, those are the types of electric cars you know. You can see the circuit as follows.
In general, an electric car works like this: when you press the car pedal, the controller adjusts the electric power from the traction battery and the inverter, then the inverter sends electric power to the car according to the pressure on the pedal. So if you want to accelerate, push the pedal even harder. Well, electric traction converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Do you remember that mechanical energy is related to motion? Yes, the rotation of the rotor causes the engine to turn the transmission, causing the wheels to spin and your car to move. Yes!

That is the explanation for green technology. Hopefully, the above explanation can be useful to you guys. To make our environment more alert, you can use and support this technology, folks. Our natural resources can be used properly, the environment is preserved and of course, the risk of pollution is reduced. Would you like to switch to environmentally friendly technology?

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