Japanese technology affecting the world


Japan is a very advanced country in the field of technology, even Japanese technology is very influential in the world. And the technological developments taking place in Japan every year are becoming more sophisticated. Japan seems to be a country setting an example of technological advancement to the world.

Japanese technology is a means of providing goods and comes from Japan. As a country very famous for its technological developments. Japan is indeed a pioneer in the emergence of new technologies and innovations.

Usually, the emergence of technology begins with the human need for goods that support life. Thus, experts in Japan came up with new ideas and ideas to create technological sophistication. Evidenced by the existence of several technologies known around the world.

Japan has become one of the pilot countries in the development of increasingly sophisticated and advanced technologies. Japanese technology came to the attention of the world because, after World War II, Japan was able to show itself as aspiring and developing.

The existence of an increasingly world-renowned understanding of technology in Japan can certainly not be separated from the course of history. The country of Japan has a long historical history of how technology develops and has an impact on Japan and even the world.

Knowing the long journey of Japanese technology cannot be separated from the history of World War II. Where the Japanese state suffered such a terrible defeat, the country experienced a crisis and eventually rose through the Meiji Restoration.

Also known as the Meiji era from 1868-1912, this is the first gateway to the rise of technology to support industry in Japan. It is even called the modernization of Japan and the country is known as the most industrialized country in the world.

The occurrence of the crude oil crisis in 1973 hit Japan hard at the time. However, Japan can reduce energy consumption. And the following year, Japan was able to produce high-quality and sophisticated products for export to various countries.

In 1980, the Japanese currency, the yen, appreciated. Due to the continuous export activity raising the yen in the eyes of the world. Another reason is the success of the technology produced by Japan. For this reason, until now, the Japanese government has been very focused on the area of ​​technology that is being developed.

Technology areas that the Japanese government is focusing on
Since the Meiji Restoration until now, the Japanese government has focused on the development of Japanese technology. There are four areas based on several things designed and focused on by the Japanese government.

1. Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology is a material that is made and used in technology with a very small size. The term nanotechnology originated from a 1974 paper by a Japanese professor, Prof. Norio Taniguchi of Tokyo Science University. The development of nanotechnology has been studied by various nanotechnology experts.

The use of nanotechnology to increase energy is fuel cells. Usually, there are electronic devices such as computers, laptops, cell phones, and so on. A power cell that has a large capacity is in the form of a very small battery with such a large capacity.

2. Biotechnology
The development of biotechnology in Japan in 1967, when Dr. Akira Fujishima and Dr. Kenichi Honda discovered the photocatalytic properties of titanium dioxide. The definition of photocatalyst is a substance in which chemical reactions take place when exposed to sunlight.

Indeed, in Japan, the application of biotechnology in the fields of health and environment is very advanced, utilizing the development of cells and genes. Like the photocatalyst principle used in environmental disinfection products. These developments affect the manufacturing sector in Japan today.

3. Information Technology
The development of information technology in Japan is evidenced by the birth of television antennas as an effective means of disseminating information. The antenna-shaped tool also became very popular worldwide this was the beginning of the milestone for the development of satellites and other information dissemination technologies.

The importance of information to mankind certainly makes Japan more innovative in technology. The aim is to manufacture products worldwide that can support the development of information in the future.

4. Environmental Engineering
The existence of environmental technology is the focus of the Japanese government to develop more innovative ones. Because the environment is a major concern these days, Japan is a pioneer in the environmental field. If the world oil supply increases and Japan can reduce overall energy consumption.

This is how Japan develops its technology, bringing great innovations and benefits to the world. By understanding the different areas that exist and on which government is focused. So there are multiple types of Japanese technology that are impacting the world and are increasingly global.

The kind of Japanese technology that affects the world
It turns out that the development of technology is noticed not only by Japan but also by the whole world. Some of these Japanese technological creations had a tremendous impact on the world. There are five technologies that Japan has developed and become phenomenal.

1. Shinkansen
Have you ever heard of an express train? In 1964, the Shinkansen was produced to resemble a bullet train. It looks strange but the train runs very smoothly from Tokyo to Osaka. Since then, many world companies have adopted the idea of ​​a bullet train made in Japan. One that was born after the Shinkansen is the maglev train.

2. Walkman
In 1979, Sony introduced the first player headphones through a large Japanese company. Even the stereos on the market are considered. Known as the Walkman, this is very successful in introducing the world to such a convenient music player to use. Even in 2009, 220 million Walkmans were sold worldwide.

3. TV antenna
Japanese inventors named Yagi Hidetsugu and Uda Shintaro experimented at Tohoku University in 1920. After all, the TV antenna is capable of capturing short waves with high power. Because of this, television antennas are still being discovered and developed around the world.

4. Color Camera Gastro Light Bulb
Incandescent light bulbs used to be used in film production, but the intensity was very low and therefore sensitive. So they developed a colored light bulb that can last a long time, a so-called gastro camera. Finally, with a gastro camera, a technology is produced that lasts a long time and is of high intensity and very high quality.

With the various Japanese technologies that turned out to be so influential in the world. Thus, Japan is increasingly becoming an example of such an advanced and perfectly developed technology. The use of new technologies and innovations that occur from year to year make Japan a country with the characteristics of a technology country.

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