know it! The Impact of Cybercrime on the Digital Business Industry


Technology development is accelerating today, so the digital business industry needs to be vigilant against the threat of cybercrime. After all, the impact of the threat of cybercrime greatly impacts the smooth running of your business in the future.

The term cybercrime itself is an illegal activity carried out through an online computer system. Many of these crimes take place in cyberspace. Cybercrime in the digital industry there are different types you need to know as well as how to overcome cybercrime threats.

One of the most common types of cybercrime is phishing, a crime that is a favorite of hackers. Because phishing has proven to be effective in identity theft. As is well known, identity theft is a cybercrime that business person, especially in the digital industry, fear.

By stealing a company’s identity, it can offer many advantages to a group of thieves. Starting from the identity of the customers, the identity of the company’s employees, to the identity of the company itself, which is very confidential to be public knowledge.

The impact of cybercrime on businesses

The existence of cybercrime can have very fatal consequences as it disrupts the smooth running of your business. Even the effects of cyber attacks can bankrupt your business.

One of the implications of this crime is the theft of important customer identities that can be used to threaten exploitation. In addition, there are many more impacts caused by the existence of cybercrime on businesses, and below are some other impacts you may know from cybercrime threats in the digital business industry.

1. Loss of important data

Loss of important data due to cybercrime attacks on your business. This is of course the threat most feared by business people as data is a very important part of any business. If important data is lost, it can affect business productivity and even cause a big loss for your business.

2. Threatened trust in your company

Another impact caused by the existence of cybercrime on businesses is the threat to the trust you have in the business.

Due to the attack, the business processes that are running can be compromised and customers using your products or services can be disappointed by the incident. To make customers think your business can’t handle these important things.

3. Damage to software and computer systems

Cybercrime attacks can also affect software and computer systems. Usually, damage to software or computer system is caused by many cybercrime attacks like viruses or malware.

Also, the attack can make many devices unable to access the system they want to visit. For this reason, it is necessary to prevent cybercrime attacks on your business.

4. Financial losses in your company

After all, the impact of a cybercrime attack on your business is a loss of money or finance. Even these losses can ruin your business in the future if not handled quickly and correctly. As McAfee said, the losses caused by cybercrime reached 600 billion USD worldwide.

How to prevent cybercrime threats in your company

Cybercrime can be prevented by various measures that can be applied to your business. If you prevent the cybercrime threat properly, you don’t have to worry about the risk of your organization being hit by an attack.

This is why you need to be aware of cybercrime attacks that can attack your business at any time and this is done to avoid the effects they cause. Here are some ways to prevent the cybercrime threat when it happens to your business.

1. Use a difficult password

To prevent cybercrime threats, you can use a password that is difficult to guess. With a password that is difficult to guess by an irresponsible group, it can protect you from criminals looking to steal your company’s important data. In addition, you can also create a unique password that will be applied to the company’s data store.

2. Apply two-factor authentication

The next way is to implement a two-factor authentication system on your business operating system. This can prevent foreign servers from trying to penetrate your system. Two-factor authentication allows you to find out who and where to enter the server. This is a real-time verification security system where there is a unique code generated on-site.

3. Update the system regularly

Then the way to prevent the threat of cybercrime in digital business is to update the system regularly or regularly. This can be prevented if one day there is an attack by a group of people who want to steal important data from your company. As a rule, old systems are easier for hackers to hack than new ones.

4. Beware of incoming emails

Be wary of incoming emails where it is not clear where they came from. If you receive an email that is not from a clear source and asks you to click on the link it contains, do not do so immediately. Because it could be a virus disguised as an ordinary device. If you do this, you might fall into a trap set by intruders or hackers.

5. Use secure hosting

Additionally, using secure hosting is a way to prevent the cybercrime threat. Using secure hosting helps protect the company’s important data. Usually, a security system is used specifically to prevent cyber attacks like malware and other types of viruses.

6. Use SSL

Besides using secure hosting, you can also use SSL to prevent cybercrime threats in your digital business. This is because SSL is a way to protect websites from cyber threats that have multi-layer security certificates. You can enable the SSL icon or padlock in the top left corner of the website.

7. Prepare a backup plan

The last way that you should not forget in preventing cybercrime threats is to create a backup plan. This method is considered very important in dealing with the cyber attack as you don’t know when it will happen to your company. Hence, you need to prepare other backup plans like cyber liability insurance that will help you to make claims in case of any breach.

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