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Environment-friendly Modern technology is known in English as Green Innovation or Eco-friendly Tech. One of the vital ideas of green innovation is generating products, items or power that do not pollute the environment.

Generally, You can utilize eco-friendly technology in different areas, such as the automotive and building markets.

What is modern green technology?


Definition of eco-friendly innovation


Green modern technology is a technique for creating energy, items and goods that do not pollute or are eco-friendly.

At the launch of the Investopedia site, environment-friendly modern technology can additionally describe a kind of clean energy manufacturing using alternative fuels and eco-friendly technologies.


The objective of making use of environment-friendly innovation.


Eco-friendly technology intends to shield the environment, repair work environmental damages and also save the earth’s natural deposits.

Several eco-friendly technology items and power results intend to reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gases and prevent climate modification.

According to Handajani Asriningpuri et al. in the journal Green Technology Acquired by Ancestors in Tanah Parahyangan (2015 ), environment-friendly modern technology accounts for cost savings using natural resources, maintaining their accessibility and also reducing the negative influences that might occur.


Green technology example


Borrowing from the Eco-friendly Modern technology internet site, here are some instances of environment-friendly technology:


– Eco-friendly buildings

It is a product whose manufacturing procedure uses modern eco-friendly technology– from the selection of structure products to the will of place.


– Alternative energy

Eco-friendly innovation creates alternate power or renewable resource. Biogas is a different gas for power generation, gas and also lights.


– Electric cars

This vehicle utilizes electrical energy kept in batteries or other power storage space areas. Electric cars and trucks, as well as electric bikes. This automobile is extra eco-friendly as it does not use nonrenewable fuel sources.


– Reuse

Recycling activities include green technology as a thing is processed and reused. Examples of materials that are frequently recycled are plastics, glass, paper and also metal materials. But some recycle e-waste and vehicle parts.


What is eco-friendly technology? Below’s the description

Green technology is a method for creating energy and items that do not pollute the environment. Technology is also described as eco-friendly technology.

Citing Dewi Nur Halimah’s Natural Science Product Research study Publication, environment-friendly technology intends to produce different products or services by utilizing sustainable natural resources and generating no waste that harms the environment.

Additionally, eco-friendly innovation likewise makes use of several recycled products. This, indeed, contributes significantly to reducing the environmental impact.

Environment-friendly technology applied in different fields is a kind of modern technology application that focuses on the concepts of environmental management. As a result, the neighbourhood should obtain entailed by using existing green technology.

There are six principles related to the idea of environment-friendly innovation, precisely:

  1. Finishing, i., H. Utilizing eco-friendly materials with a safer procedure than previous technologies.
  2. Lower, i., H. Reducing waste by enhancing product use.
  3. Reuse, i.e. reuse of materials that are no longer used or already thrown away and processed in some other way.
  4. Recycling, specifically reusing products or waste and refining them similarly.
  5. Usage, i. H. uses certain waste products to be processed for other purposes.
  6. Recuperating energy, specifically saving power in a production process.


Eco-friendly technology instance


  1. Biopesticide


Citing the Genius Eduka team’s publication BUPELAS: Material Mapping and Scientific Research Inquiry Financial institution, biopesticides are any biological product in living things such as pets, plants, microorganisms, fungi or protozoa that can be utilized to kill parasites and illness.

Biopesticide is a green technology that utilizes active ingredients from living microorganisms and does not use harmful chemicals.


  1. Biogas


Biogas is a gas produced by anaerobic bacterial tasks or fermentation of organic matter. Raw materials for biogas are cow manure, fowl manure, hen manure, and household waste.

Biogas can be used as an alternative gas for home heating and power generation. This gas is environmentally friendly and can lower the pollution on the use of firewood.


  1. Bio bag


Biobags are environmentally friendly bags made from cassava flour or corn husks with artificial polymers. Biobags utilize products that decompose swiftly and do not pollute the setting.


  1. Electric automobiles


Electric autos are powered by electric power kept in batteries or other storage space areas. Electric vehicles are eco-friendly since they do not use nonrenewable fuel sources that generate dangerous gas emissions that can reduce the greenhouse effect.


Benefit from the eco-friendly modern technology principle


Eco-friendly innovation can lower the quantity of waste to ensure it is convenient to prevent pollution. Environmentally friendly technology reduces the danger of degeneration in the wellness of living beings, especially humans.


Which six concepts apply to the idea of environment-friendly technology?


Refine, minimize, recycle, harvest and also recover energy.


What does fine-tuning imply in the concept of eco-friendly technology?


Refining indicates using eco-friendly materials and a safer procedure than previous modern technologies.


What is the distinction between decrease and reuse in the environment-friendly modern technology concept?


Reduce ways to decrease waste through optimized use of materials, while reuse implies recycling materials that are no longer used.


This vehicle uses electric energy kept in batteries or other energy storage locations. Electrical autos and electric bicycles. This lorry is extra eco-pleasant as it does not use fossil gas.


Recycling activities likewise include green innovation as a thing is processed and reused. Instances of materials that are commonly recycled are plastics, glass, paper and metal materials.


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