Let’s listen! The role of digital transformation in a company


The more technology evolves, the more necessary the transformation that needs to be carried out for an organization. The reason for this is that the development of technology forces business people to be able to adapt to existing changes. However, the digital transformation taking place in every industrial sector varies depending on customer requirements and challenges in the industry.

What exactly is digital transformation? Digital transformation is a shift in the way we work and deliver value to our customers. Or it can be interpreted as the integration of technology into every branch of the business world.

One of the many digital transformations that are in high demand, especially in the business world, namely cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence or AI, and the Internet of Things. It can also be observed in everyday life, for example in household appliances with artificial intelligence (AI) and the use of smartwatches.

Indeed, digital transformation is more embedded in the world of technology and it keeps evolving from time to time. Additionally, the existence of digital transformation offers many benefits in increasing your business productivity amidst today’s technology onslaught.

Why is digital transformation important?

Through this digital transformation, all activities that are normally carried out daily and that were initially difficult will later become easier. It can also improve the performance of businesses and individuals, both large and small.

This is important for you in business considering everything is digital in modern times. Where you get bigger profits when you do marketing by using digital technologies that are more and more sophisticated.

The role of digital transformation in a different business world is seen as important, where supporting innovation for good companies makes businesses grow even more. In addition, this digital transformation extends the reach of your business market and makes it easy to access the internet anywhere, anytime.

And in times of higher economic growth, competition among other business people improves their business performance. Therefore, the implementation of digital transformation is important to improve your business. Digital transformation is also playing a role in making business continuity easier and more cost-effective.

Benefits of digital transformation

Of course, with digital transformation, there are good and bad benefits that can be achieved. In a company, digital transformation has a very big impact and makes business processes better than before.

The benefits of digital transformation are countless, as each aspect can provide different benefits. However, here are some of the benefits of digital transformation that are generally felt when you do it for your business.

1. Increase business insights

Carrying out a digital transformation in your company offers advantages in making changes to your business activities. From platform implementation to existing data insights, you get the most important data and dashboards, making it easier for you to find business metrics.

This data can be used to improve and support many initiatives, including product development, marketing, and customer service. In addition, applications such as data analysis can help you set business policies for the company more effectively.

2. Improving operational efficiency and productivity

One of the digital transformations like the cloud offers advantages in increasing the operational efficiency of a company. Cloud-based technology can also minimize problems that can hamper productivity in your business. And can help reduce the workload on employees, especially IT staff.

This allows them to focus more on tasks that are more important or have a higher priority. The existence of digital transformation can also make employees more productive and add new knowledge about more modern technologies.

3. Increasing modern competitiveness

Digital transformation has benefits in increasing competitiveness and more modern collaboration between business people. Where the latest technology can also make it easier for companies to work together. And that is a sign that the implemented digital transformation is running smoothly and successfully.

It also creates a desire for everyone involved in improving the company to compete and collaborate even more. They can even be more innovative by making these activities look even better than before.

4. Secure data protection

In the current era of technological development, there are also many cases of data theft, and digital transformation has advantages in protecting corporate data. Data protection is known to be an important issue that you must do in this digital age.

Therefore, one of the digital transformations that can protect data more securely for your business is the use of cloud computing technology. You don’t have to worry about security as the average cloud provider already has security protection that guarantees privacy and is managed with good quality.

5. Efficiency in business operations

When implementing digital transformation in a company, can offer many advantages in terms of operational efficiency or costs. Where the benefits of this technology can help you simplify operational processes in your company.

So that your operational processes look clearer, more efficient, and more effective. An example of a technology that has undergone a digital transformation in its development is financial management applications. Like a cloud document management system, this application, which acts for administration and archiving, can support the teamwork process in the company.

3. Creation of a more modern reinvestment

The final benefit of digital transformation is the creation of a more modern reinvestment. The main focus of digital transformation is on technology investments, which can bring about improvements, especially in business. This is caused by the temporarily high market pressure.

An example of technology investments from digital transformation is the replacement of old systems with more modern technology systems. For example, from regular draft storage to cloud-based storage, this helps achieve more modern performance than ever. With reinvestments, it is also possible to meet customer requirements more efficiently.

And these are some of the benefits that digital transformation can bring to a business if you get involved in its implementation. Therefore, we hope that after knowing a little about the role of digital transformation for a business, you can think carefully about the digital transformation of your business.

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