Most Advanced Android Apps You Must Have in 2022


The Google Play Store is home to millions of the most advanced Android applications available today. There you can find everything from song player apps to ghost-tracking apps. Therefore, this time we will review a list of the Most Advanced Android Apps that have been used the most so far. These various applications offer features that you may never have imagined before.

15 Most Advanced Android Apps You Must Have in 2022

  1. Smart tools

Most Advanced Android Apps Smart tools
Smart tools

True to the application’s name, Smart Tools is a brilliant and complete application. With just one application, you can do many things, such as B. measuring the length with a ruler and tape measure. It’s not enough to stop. This one of the most sophisticated Android applications is also equipped with a light function that can be used as a flashlight. Want to explore other features? There are also speed, location, mirror, stopwatch, metal detector, and other functions. Would you like to use this Most Advanced Android Apps? Unfortunately, it is no longer accessible. Please purchase this application from its Play Store page if you want to try it out.


  1. Google Assistant Go

Most Advanced Android Apps Google Assistant Go
Google Assistant Go

The most sophisticated Android application this time comes from developer Google LLC. Why should it be demanding? Because with this application, you don’t have to worry about typing. That means when you’re traveling and want to find a location on the GPS, you have to speak and let the Google Assistant Go app do the work for you. Not just for finding a GPS location, you can also search without having to type. All you have to do is speak, and Google Assistant Go will immediately search for what you want to know on Google. I like having a personal assistant, yes. Download this Most Advanced Android Apps.


  1. SHAREit


This one application can send all your files in any format. You can send pictures, videos, songs, offices, and more. Interestingly, SHAREit also claims to be able to send files faster than you can count on Bluetooth. Note that SHAREit can send files at speeds of 20M/s, you know! In addition, this application is for more than just sending files. The reason is that SHAREit also has a function to watch videos from different websites. You can watch it online. In addition, SHAREit also offers a position to search for admiration and listen to it directly on SHAREit. Very complete. SHAREit is Most Advanced Android Apps.


  1. Screen Mirroring – Cast phone to TV

Screen Mirroring - Cast phone to TV
Screen Mirroring – Cast phone to TV

Screen Mirroring: Cast Phone to TV is an app that allows you to cast a tiny phone screen to a big TV screen in high quality and real-time speed. You can easily access all media files on the big screen, including mobile games, photos, music, videos, and e-books. For example, you can use this Most Advanced Android Appsto enjoy your family photo collection together. Or, if you have family movie files on your phone, you can also play them on TV to enjoy them with your family.


  1. Push bullet

Push bullet
Push bullet

Have you ever thought about texting on your PC? So if you want to send SMS or send and receive SMS via PC, we recommend you to download this one of the most advanced Android applications. Yes, Pushbullet is an application that allows you to send SMS on your PC. With the Pushbullet app, you can send and receive SMS like on an Android phone. Additionally, Pushbullet is ready to provide notifications when a message arrives and open it on your PC. It’s easy.


  1. Taskers


To run various activities automatically on Android, you need the Tasker app. Even though the price is IDR 47,000, it is worth the price for this application. It is because Tasker can automatically turn various features on and off on your Android. An example is the app’s ability to turn WiFi on when you’re home and off when you leave home. Besides the Tasker application, You can also combine it with the IFTTT application, which makes it look even more sophisticated.


  1. Caller


In a way, Shouter is a reminder app for you. As the name suggests, this application is ready to remind its users in any case. For example, Shouter provides notifications about the current battery level of your mobile phone. Then Shouter also provides notifications like voice reminders.


  1. IFTTT


There is another advanced Android application you can use, IFTTT. It is a simple but beneficial app. Minor information that this IFTTT application already works with several other applications such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Drive, Instagram, and others. Of course, if you now connect several of these applications to IFTTT, you will find it easier to carry out activities in other applications. For example, if you like some tweets, you want to find tweets that have been selected. No need to be complicated; use IFTTT to bookmark the tweets you’ve picked. It’s easy.


  1. EVA face mouse

EVA face mouse
EVA face mouse

HP with PC flavor; maybe that’s a short description of this EVA Facial Mouse application. That means you can only do some PC activities on your phone, but you can find the cursor on your Android screen. How can that be? Of course, you can with this application. This EVA face mouse allows you to display a cursor on your mobile screen. Uniquely, you don’t have to touch your phone’s screen. With this app, you must move your hand across the screen, and the EVA Facial Mouse will point the cursor in the desired direction. Have you refined it, right? Do you want to try it?


  1. Universal IR TV Remote Control

Universal IR TV Remote Control
Universal IR TV Remote Control

Do you feel dizzy when you lose or forget the TV remote control? If you like experiencing things like this, you need the IR Universal TV Remote app. With this application, you can instantly turn your Android phone into a TV remote control. Make yourself comfortable, and this application supports every brand of TV.


  1. Sky Map

Sky Map
Sky Map

Do you like and like to learn about stars, planets, and other things about the stars in the sky? If you want such things, ensure you already have the Sky Map application on your Android phone. In this application, users can identify stars, planets, nebulae, and other things. Don’t worry; Sky Map is an application accurate enough to find out the leads in real-time. You can download this application directly from this link if you are interested in using it.


  1. Google Find My Device

Google Find My Device
Google Find My Device

Losing Android smartphones and tablets is very sad, but we can track them using the Google Find My Device application. This application can be called the Android version of Apple’s Find my iPhone application. This application is also one of the most advanced security applications in the world. With this application, you can track the whereabouts of a lost Android via GPS, emit a loud sound, lock it and erase all the data in it. Apart from Google Find My Device, various other lost android tracking apps are also discussed in this article.


  1. WLAN analyzer

Most Advanced Android Apps WLAN analyzer
WLAN analyzer

Do you want to receive information about the strength of WiFi networks in your area? The right app if you use WiFiAnalyzer. It is an application that can analyze the power of WiFi networks around you by showing a graph of their signal. Apart from that, WiFiAnalyzer has a feature to change the application theme to dark or light.


  1. Dumpster

Most Advanced Android Apps Dumpster

Accidentally delete essential data on your phone? Take it easy, and this intelligent application can handle it with ease. Dumpster is an application ready to recover all your accidentally deleted files. You are starting from photo files, documents, songs, and other files. The good news is that the Dumpster app is free, so you don’t have to pay for it. Want to use it?


  1. 1Password

Most Advanced Android Apps 1Password

If you have a lot of complex passwords to remember, the 1Password application will help you solve the problem. 1Password securely stores all your passwords so you can access them if you forget them.

These are the different types of the most advanced Android applications that you must have today. With these various applications, You will significantly assist your activities. In addition, your Android device also looks more refined than the others. Please let us know if other applications are outside the list above in the comment column.

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