Technology Is Hijacking The Human Personality

Ten ways technology is hijacking the human personality-To know the meaning of human personality, we must understand the meaning of “personality” or behavior itself. Several experts have attempted to define personality. According to John F. Cuber, personality is a whole trait that is visible and can be seen by someone. For MAW Brower, personality is a pattern of social behavior made up of one’s drives, desires, opinions, and attitudes.

Human personality is the nature, character, and attitude contained within the individual. Furthermore, human personality is divided into three parts: introvert, extrovert, and ambivert. Introverts usually like to be alone, thoughtful, quiet, shy, and challenging to get along with others. Extroverts are the opposite of introverts, as extroverts are more active, open, friendly, and confident. Meanwhile, ambiverts are people whose nature can change depending on the situation or mood.


Technology can hijack the human personality.

technology is hijacking the human personality.

Technology is hijacking the human personality, It doesn’t matter which personality type we have, whether introverted, extroverted or ambivert. Whether we realize it or not, the development of technology in modern times has hijacked the human personality on this earth. Hmm, what kind of piracy do you mean? The virtual world created by technology has shown many new features and product advertisements, which often deceive us, so we have extraordinary confidence to buy these products.

In the virtual world, we also feel more comfortable spending hours looking at our phone or laptop screens instead of staring at the faces of our loved ones in front of us. Technological developments also mean that we often neglect work tasks in the office and have less time to rest. For example, have you ever missed a couple on a date, and both were staring at each other’s phone screens? Alone time with loved ones is an excellent time to share stories. From this example, we can see that technology has hijacked the human personality. The human character that used to love chatting with the people around them has now changed to pay more attention to his cell phone.

According to the entrepreneur’s website, there are ten ways technology has hijacked the human personality in today’s modern era. Come on, let’s see the explanation below.


  1. Technology has diverted our attention.

technology is hijacking the human personality.

It’s hard to believe that something like a cell phone managed to distract us even now. Every time our cell phones vibrate, ring or light up, we need to immediately check our cell phones to see what notifications are on the cell phone.

The funny thing is that even though our phones don’t indicate a new message or notification, such as a sound, vibrate, or flash, we still love checking our phones. Suddenly we try to grab the phone and ask ourselves: “Does WhatsApp exist or not?” or “What is the latest information from my Instagram account?” and so forth.

We feel something is missing when we don’t look at or check our phones for a long time. If we don’t fit our phones, our lives are safe. Technology has shifted our attention from something that shouldn’t need attention to something that gets too much attention.


  1. Technology makes us need more mental space.

technology is hijacking the human personality.

Some people find ways to stay focused and not let their cell phones fool them by turning off notifications or putting cell phone mode on silent. Oops! But in reality, it is not that simple. When we’re aware that we’re ignoring our phones and turning off existing notifications, we’re still tempted to check our phones.

Yes, even if there are no incoming calls or chats on our cell phones. But it still feels like I always want to check my phone regularly.

Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin, the University of California, San Diego, and Disney Research recently conducted a study. They found that when someone’s cell phone is nearby, on a table, or even in the same room, the condition increases a person’s performance will drop. Your cognitive abilities require a lot of thinking time. As a result? We need help with concentrating on office tasks.

When our concentration drops due to over-focusing on cell phones, this drop in concentration is the same as the effect of lack of sleep! For us to focus more on work and not get tired quickly, these researchers suggest that the best solution is to distance ourselves from our phones. It would be better if we didn’t put him next to us to keep our concentration. Technology has caused people to need more mental space to avoid cell phone distractions and focus on work.


  1. We are easily influenced by artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence.

technology is hijacking the human personality.

Yes! Whether you realize it or not, technology and artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence) have tried to gather important information that we have. All this vital information will later influence our decisions when shopping or choosing a product or service.

This method works when we browse goods in e-commerce. We select a very cheap product that catches our attention, and then we put it in a virtual shopping cart. However, we did not have time to “check out” or pay for the item. In the future, when we try to enter the same e-commerce, we will see advertisements related to the previously selected product. In short, we continue to be “followed” by these ads until we finally buy the product.

From this example, we can see that online sellers in e-commerce can also influence our thoughts and decisions when choosing products. Technological intelligence has profoundly influenced our choices. Our findings are no longer determined by personality but by artificial intelligence.


  1. Technology has shortened our attention spans.

technology is hijacking the human personality.

Adam Alter, the author of a book called Irresistible: Rise of Addictive Technology, said the research he found showed that people’s attention spans have been decreasing over time. Initially, the human attention span was 12 seconds, and now the lowest attention span has dropped to 8 seconds, and the average attention span is 9 seconds.


  1. Technology makes it difficult for us to distinguish human personality types.

technology is hijacking the human personality.

On the other hand, technology will also make us “addicted.” In the past, our personality determines what we like. For example, an introvert would instead read books, and an extrovert would rather chat with friends. However, with today’s technological developments, all types of human personalities will feel hooked when they see product photos on Instagram, read fictional stories or comics online, and so on. These addictive things will make it difficult to differentiate between human personality types.


  1. Technology changes the human perception of choices.

technology is hijacking the human personality.

Technological developments have presented many choices that we can make. In the past, our choices were limited to a few favorites because we needed broad access to other options outside our area. As technology comes and develops, people have many options they have never found before.

For example, I want coffee in a unique Instagram coffee shop. I need to type the keywords “cute coffee shops in Jakarta” into Google, then Google will offer me a wide range of cute and famous coffee shops in Jakarta.

Of the many choices, I will provide a variety of perceptions for each of the options. My shy and introverted personality could become very active and critical as I evaluate the options available. From this example, we can see that the many choices that technology has brought with it have changed many people’s perceptions.


  1. Technology can help strengthen our faith.

technology is hijacking the human personality.

Suppose we are someone who finds it very difficult to believe in something. Our personality is callous because it is difficult for others to convince us. Well, technology can hijack our character! We may not have believed before that Lombok has beautiful beaches. However, if we search for “beautiful beaches in Lombok Indonesia,” we will be amazed and start thinking that the beaches there are lovely. Technology will make us go from insecure to secure, secure to doubtful, insecure to increasingly uncertain, and specific to increasingly confident.


  1. Technology can make us think.

technology is hijacking the human personality.

Technological developments have also greatly influenced the film industry. Impossible things that could happen in human life have become a reality and are believed by many people. In other words, technology can fool many people—for example, the Spiderman movie. Small children might think Spiderman exists and believe that a spider bite makes us Spiderman.

The fraud caused by technology does not only come from the film industry. Often publicized, hoax messages make many people think of impossible things that don’t need to be thought about (because they’re just hoaxes).


  1. Technology has turned everyday life into a game.

technology is hijacking the human personality.

Games. Everyone must be very familiar with this word. Where are you from? From children to adults, games are games or applications loved by many people from different social circles. Technology has turned everyday human life into a game or play. This gamification will make it easier for individuals to become more enthusiastic because they live life as if competing against each other, like in a game.

example of technology is hijacking the human personality, the online motorcycle taxi program requires its drivers to accumulate points per day to receive bonuses or incentives from the online motorcycle taxi company. This system is set up like a game where the more issues we score in fun, the more results we get.


  1. Technology is changing the way people communicate.

technology is hijacking the human personality.

Have you ever met anyone in cyberspace? While fellow readers communicate with this person via chat and phone, your new acquaintance is optimistic and enjoys conversation. However, when you meet up, this fellow reader acquaintance turns out to be very passive. Have your fellow readers ever been in a situation like this?

This example is the impact of technological developments that have technology is hijacking the human personality. An introvert can become very extroverted when communicating with others through technology and vice versa. It makes us realize that technology cannot give us the right clue about a person’s personality.


Yes, that is an explanation and example of how technology is hijacking the human personality. in modern times like today. So whether we believe fully or half in technology depends on our perception.