Ten effects of gadgets on users in everyday life!


In this modern era, technology is growing. The development of this technology brings convenience to human life, from easy access to the easy exchange of messages or information. One of the technologies widely used today is the gadget. The gadget is an absorption word from English, defined as a small electronic device with a particular function bound to change. In the English-language Wikipedia, a gadget is a small tool like a machine. It has a specific function and is often considered a novelty. In a free translation, gadgets are defined as small tools like machines that have specific functions and are seen as something new.

In Indonesian Wikipedia, on the other hand, gadgets are defined as gadgets. a Tool; an electronic or mechanical device with a practical function; Devices; run. Simply put, a gadget is a device that has a practical purpose and function. The gadgets are designed to be more sophisticated than technological devices that have been developed. Meanwhile, according to Derry, a gadget is interpreted as an electronic device or instrument with a practical purpose and function to aid human work. Meanwhile, Rohman declared gadgets as electronic devices with many parts.

Gadgets (smartphones) or mobile phones already have many features and functions that are becoming increasingly complex to offer users convenience. Devices have many parts and help with various human needs. However, gadgets are just like any other technology. It’s like two blades. On the one hand, this has a positive effect. On the other hand, it has a negative impact. In this modern era, people tend to use gadgets in their daily life. However, using it for too long can have adverse health effects. Coming from Katadata.co.id page, below is the gadget usage time grouping.

  • High usage, i. H. the intensity of using devices for more than 3 hours a day.
  • Moderate use, with use of approximately 3 hours per day.
  • Low usage, indicated by usage intensity of fewer than 3 hours per day.


Effects of gadgets on everyday life

Ten effects of gadgets on users in everyday life!
Ten effects of gadgets on users in everyday life!

Using proper gadgets will have a positive impact on users. For example, it can add insight, expand the network of friends, facilitate communication, enhance children’s creativity, and open access to broader information.

Gadgets are like two blades. On the one hand, this has a positive effect. On the other hand, however, it has a negative impact. The side effectsof excessive use of gadgets are listed below

  1. Blurred

Using gadgets can make you focused on things other than what is shown. It is due to the large amount of information that can be accessed through devices, making it easy to divert focus. As a result, Grameds need help to focus on work and daily activities that are more important and need to be done immediately. This lack of focus can affect anyone—school kids distracted by things found on gadgets. In addition, adults can also get distracted by stuff on devices, causing them to put their work aside.


  1. Disturbing sleep patterns

Gadgets are addictive. You will continue to hold it and search for what is inside. As a result, sleep hours fall apart, and natural sleep hours are disrupted. For example, I watched movies from night to morning or played games from night to morning. Of course, things that look “exciting” will lure Grameds into sleeping the night. As a result, sleep patterns become disrupted, and Grameds lose adequate rest. The dangers of gadgets aren’t just that nighttime exposure to blue light from screens has the potential to inhibit the work of the hormone melatonin, according to the American Optometric Association. It causes Grameds to suffer from insomnia more easily.


  1. Vision problems

Ten effects of gadgets on users in everyday life!
Ten effects of gadgets on users in everyday life!

Gadgets, especially smartphones, can cause eye and vision problems. Some common issues are eye fatigue, redness, a burning sensation in the eyes, blurred vision, and decreased vision due to over-concentration and staring at device screens. Therefore, to reduce the impact of devices, Grameds must maintain a safe distance between eyes and devices. The safety distance that you must respect is approximately 16 cm, and not to use appliances if they are not needed and are not essential.


  1. Gadget addiction

According to the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology. The negative effect of using gadgets is that they can make Grameds addictive. It will make it difficult for Grameds to perform daily activities without the presence of devices.

This condition also leads to a decrease in memory and brain capacity as it is affected by the capabilities of the devices. In severe infections, gadget addiction can have mental health implications, such as anxiety disorders, loss of motivation, and even depression.


  1. Headache

Gadget addiction doesn’t just affect your eyes and vision. It also has head side effects. The condition becomes severe when the brain is under too much stress when playing games for an extended period while constantly switching applications. In severe cases, You carry the risk of unbearable headaches, neck strains, migraines, stress, anxiety, and depression.


  1. The posture is not ideal

A study in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science explained that using money devices for too long harms posture. The longer, the more bent the body becomes, the position of the neck becomes more and more forward, or the shape of the shoulders becomes hunched. Of course, a non-ideal body shape spoils appearance. Most importantly, changes in body shape affect Gramed’s smooth breathing.


  1. Muscle and ligament injuries

Ten effects of gadgets on users in everyday life!
Ten effects of gadgets on users in everyday life!

Poor posture when using equipment can put undue stress on the muscles and joints in your hands, fingers, neck, and waist. If this habit continues for a long time, it can cause muscle aches, pains, and even injury to the joints. Therefore, to prevent the adverse effects of gadgets, Grameds can change position and stretch when using devices for a long time.


  1. Risk of obesity or overweight

Using devices for an extended period puts a person at risk of becoming overweight or obese. There is also an imbalance between exercise and a healthy diet. This risk is compounded by a study of 150 youth in Yogyakarta published by the Malaysian Journal of Public Medicine.


  1. Risk of accidents

Using Gadgets while walking will draw the attention of Grameds from the area. It certainly increases the risk of tripping, being crushed or being hit by something. When you’re driving together, calls and texting distract from focus. According to the Better Health Channel page, using cell phones while driving will increase the number of traffic accidents. Therefore, playing with gadgets while driving is considered illegal in several countries.


  1. Developmental disabilities in children

Children are also at risk if they overuse devices. Even though children tend to be calm or composed when given gadgets, it harms their development. A study published by the STRADA Scientific Journal of Health explained that excessive use of devices could impede children’s social, language and communication development. Therefore, parents must be careful and know when to introduce gadgets to children.

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