The browser is the most commonly used application to search for data and information on the Internet. A fast browser can help users as the data search process is shorter. Here is a list of the best browser apps for 2022.

The best browser apps of 2022

The presence of a browser is very helpful for users in finding the information or data they need. Here is a list of the best browser apps of 2022 recommended for you.


  1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome carries the best and fastest browser application. This device is already available on an Android phone, thanks to which the number of users is increasing daily. Now Google Chrome users are at least 1 billion users. This application is quite reliable for desktop and mobile users as it relies on its speed and reliability in interacting with various Google services. In addition, Google Chrome is also considered to be the best PC browser.


  1. CM Browser Browser

CM Browser is one of the best Android browsers. It is because this browser has a small size of only 2MB compared to Google Chrome, which has a larger file size of 30 MB. Aside from saving memory, the CM browser also has an attractive appearance that makes it easier to use.

The best browser apps of 2022
The best browser apps of 2022
  1. VPNs

VPN is an anti-block browser application; by using a VPN, you can access sites that are restricted in Indonesia or blocked by the government. Using a VPN changes your server location, allowing you to detect origins from permitted territories or accesses outside of Indonesia. You can access servers abroad based on your chosen country, region, or city.


  1. Dolphin Browser

The best browser application for 2022 has been downloaded tens of millions of times, either by downloading this browser application from the Play Store or the App Store. This application has interesting features that make it easy to play games or watch videos with Flash Player. Meanwhile, the Ad Blocking feature included in this application ensures smoother browsing without any interference from browser staff.


  1. UC Browser

This best browser application, 2022, claims to be the fastest for all platforms, including Android, as UC Browser relies on speed and offers good results.


  1. Firefox for Android

Firefox is well-known in the PC environment. This application, which acts as an internet browser, has a Firefox logo, which You can also find in the Android application. Besides the Firefox desktop browser, it offers a range of add-ons for ad blocking, password remembering, and more.


  1. Opera Mini

The best browser application for 2022 is Opera Mini, which has long been the best application for mobile users, even before Android existed. The Opera Mini browser app offers good speed. Because this Opera Mini application has a compression function when sending data to HP users. In addition, this application also has a small size, making it ideal for downloading on mobile phones with limited storage capacity. All the above best browser applications for 2022 are browsers that users must use to get the information they need, such as B. searching for data, accessing messages, and others.

The best browser apps of 2022
The best browser apps of 2022
  1. Apple Safari

If Edge is the default browser for Windows-based computers, then Safari is the best browser for Apple devices. No matter if Macbook, iPhone, or iPad. Despite coming exclusively for Apple, Safari turns out to be one of the world’s best and most popular browsers.

Benefits of Apple Safari:

  • Fast performance – Safari is specially prepared for Apple. So it’s no wonder the best and fastest browser has been optimized to run smoothly on various Apple devices, both on computers and mobile phones.
  • Handoff Integration – Handoff is a feature to integrate Safari browsing history between Apple devices. For example, if you browse on a Macbook, the past will be automatically recorded on your iPhone as long as you are logged in with the same Apple account.
  • Minimalist Design – If you like clean and minimalistic interfaces of the best browsers, then Safari is perfect for you. There are almost no noticeable browser parts, which makes the browsing experience less comfortable.
  • Multiple Layers of Protection – Safari offers multiple layers of security. For example, Privacy Browsing Mode to avoid web trackers, pop-ups, and JavaScript blockers to prevent annoying ads that suddenly pop up.
  • Apple Device Emulation – For those of you who work as web developers, Safari has a special emulator to check your coding results in this best browser. If there are still bugs or errors, you can easily fit them.

Cons of Apple Safari:

  • Poor compatibility – Safari is the only browser from Apple unavailable for other devices, such as Windows or Android. If you are curious about this browser, you should buy an Apple device.
  • Minimal integration – Safari was developed specifically for the Apple environment. So it has minimal integration with other software and platforms. For example, several software from Google, such as Drive, Gmail, or Calendar.
  • Limited extensions – The number of extensions available from Apple is quite limited. As a result, you have to be content with the standard functions if you don’t want to install another browser richer in extensions.


  1. Brave

If you need the best browser that puts security and privacy first, Brave is the answer. The best browser developed in San Francisco, United States, claims it will always protect its users from dangerous threats like data breaches while browsing.

Advantages of Brave:

  • Chromium-based – Like Chrome, Edge, and Opera, Brave uses the Chromium code base. Automatically, its interface and features are not much different from the best browsers mentioned above. So you can quickly get used to Brave.
  • Web Tracker and Ad Blocker – Brave has built-in web tracker and ad blocker capabilities. Web Tracker protects against losing your data while surfing, while Ad Blocker can block ads that appear on websites.
  • Fast and Stable Performance – Since Brave can block annoying ads and pop-up elements, it can display a full webpage quickly. In addition, the performance is stable even with long-term use.
  • Low hardware requirements – Aside from its fast performance, Brave doesn’t waste resources either. Although it is used to open many browser tabs simultaneously, the RAM usage is relatively low.
  • Available for different operating systems – As one of the best and fastest browsers, You can install Brave on other platforms. Name it Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, or iOS.

Disadvantages of Braves:

  • Lack of integration – The syncing browser history on Brave is a bit complicated. You must perform a QR scan to enable this feature. Unlike Chrome which can sync browsing history to the same Google account.
  • Contains native ads – Brave blocks ads while browsing. But ironically, it gives users the ability to see their ads. Later, users who visit the ad will receive some reward.

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