The Best Fishing Game on Pc

The Best Fishing Game on Pc – Fishing is one of the fun activities when you are bored with a monotonous routine. This activity sharpens your patience because it takes time to get fish. When you get it, you will feel so satisfied and happy. You may not carry out fishing activities on fishing grounds, in the sea, or in rivers under certain conditions. Lucky for us who live in the digital age, You can do these activities in a virtual world on a video game platform. You can now fish all kinds of fish without leaving home. Even if the catch cannot be brought home, at least playing fishing games can quench the thirst of those who love to catch all kinds of fish. To make the atmosphere in your house even more entertaining, Caris Signal recommends fishing games you can play on the PC platform. Here’s the full review.

The Best Fishing Game on Pc

  1. Fishing: Barents Sea (2018)

Fishing: Barents Sea (2018)

The Barents Sea in the Norwegian region is the best place for those who want to play this game. Explore the business in a small boat and catch all kinds of fish as you like. This fishing game: the Barents Sea, offers an exotic sense of the beauty of the Norwegian sea that can feast your eyes. At the beginning of the game, players drive a small fishing boat. In addition, if you catch more fish and collect money, players can upgrade the quality of the ship to make it even better.

Players can build a fishing industry by recruiting crew members and completing various missions in this game. Search for the best fishing spots using sonar, radar, and GPS. Remember the weather changes, and make sure no storms are brewing when you’re in the middle of the ocean.


  1. Ice Lakes (2016)

Ice Lakes (2016)

Ice Lakes is a winter fishing game with a sandbox approach. In this game, players can freely roam the areas on the map and explore rivers, ponds, and lakes in different environments. The gameplay can be played solo or in multiplayer, and players can catch 30 species of fish and customize their fishing gear.

The game environment is designed to look realistic. Players are confronted with extreme climate change. These weather conditions can later affect the behavior of the fish, leaving some of them wild and difficult to catch. Aside from making it feel more exciting and authentic, you can also play this game via Virtual Reality (VR) technology.


  1. Euro fishing (2014)

Eurofishing (2014)

For starters, players can use the essential tutorial feature available in this game. But if you want to play straight away, players can dive right into one of five unique European locations, like Lake Digger and Lake St. John. Each location has challenges, and you will surely spoil players for the realistic gameplay.

Using an artificial intelligence (AI) system that has been developed, this game certainly offers game levels through different difficulty levels. Other exciting features of this game are the real environment effects, the change of day, and the fish can react to the water temperature. In Euro Fishing, players can fish alone or compete against friends and rivals in multiplayer tournaments. Be sure to choose the right fishing gear, so the chances of catching fish are easier.


  1. Fishing Planet (2015)

Fishing Planet (2015)

Fishing Planet is a multiplayer simulator game whose game concept was developed by fishing fans. In it, players are offered stunning graphics with environmental behaviors based on actual situations. Fish behavior is crafted by natural AI intelligence, making playing this game feel alive. This AI function makes the fish behavior more reactive, e.g., B. Players can be attacked and bitten. Approximately 120 species of fish can be found and caught throughout the game.

The AI system in this game is quite complex and dynamic. It also helps to make game features such as water flow speed, water temperature, seasonal changes, and climate comfortable for players. Fishing Planet is the right choice if you want to improve your fundamental fishing skills.


  1. Ultimate Fishing Simulator (2018)

Ultimate Fishing Simulator (2018)

You can play two difficulty levels in this game: normal mode and realistic mode. Usually, players can enjoy the game with all the available features. When playing naturally, players need to be extra patient as fishing is more challenging than you imagine, and fish will be harder to catch.

In Ultimate Fishing Simulator, players are given a winter map and can fish in ice-filled locations. Find a suitable spot for winter fishing, and remember to drill into the broad ice sheet to remove fish quickly. If you are bored with the same places, this game allows players to create their fishing spots. Players can create new maps and share gameplay in multiplayer mode connected to the internet.


  1. Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour (2018)

Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour (2018)

This game is for play if you are skilled and tough enough at fishing. You can play in career mode and face off against more than 100 professional anglers, including Scott Martin, Jacob Wheeler, Ali Hamidi, and Ian Russell. At the beginning of the game, players choose a path to catch bass, carp, predators, or even all three.

While playing in career mode, players can find sponsors, earn income, and increase their reputation from amateur to elite level. Players will later be at tournaments such as Lake Guntersville, Lake Travis, Lake Gigantica, and Manor Farm. Hundreds of fishing tackle items are available, and more than 50 official sponsors from various brands, including Evinrude, Booyah, Korda, and RidgeMonkey. This game also features 29 different fish species like bass, carp, brown, rainbow trout, catfish, and channel catfish.


  1. Fishing Adventure (2019)

Fishing Adventure (2019)

As the name suggests, in this game, players are invited to go on an adventure in areas in America and Europe to go fishing. Players have eight maps in each country, ranging from Poland, Norway, and Haiti to Canada. The place visited has a predetermined weather and time system.

Poland is the first country; you will greet players with thunderstorms and dusk. To open access to maps in other countries, players must first complete the fishing task in the previous location and increase the XP (experience) level. The gameplay in Fishing Adventure is quite simple, and there are no complicated maneuvers. Players need to catch as many fish as possible, earn money and travel to different countries for fishing. Players can use boats to go deeper into the water and look for fish unavailable near shore.