Today’s most advanced and successful gaming technology


With the increasing number of offline and online game enthusiasts in Indonesia, the technology in it is also strengthened. In fact, this gaming technology can be purchased for free for certain games.

That means users don’t have to pay a single fee to play advanced games. Except for the premium type, which of course is also boosted with more polished specs than the free one.

The question is what technology will start being embedded in games. To answer these questions, Hit Gaming technology is explained below. Please read the description and then play the game. This technique is about:

1. Virtual Reality (VR)
The first techno game is abbreviated as Virtual Reality (VR). A theme-based gaming technology that gives users the feeling of playing the game as if it were a three-dimensional movie.

That is, when you play games with this technology, players are like in the game because the distance resolution becomes very narrow. Especially if you already use special VR-based glasses.

2. Augmented Reality (AR)
The next gaming software that has also been installed in modern games is Augmented Reality, abbreviated as AR. This is a technology that allows users to play as if they are in a real world, not a virtual one.

To feel this kind of nuance, players don’t need to use any special devices. Because the virtual display is already built into the design, so all you have to do is enjoy it.

This is the reason that differentiates AR technology from VR, where players must first use glasses to enjoy the sophistication of gaming through VR. If not, the 3D interface is of course not visible in the game.

3. Mixed Reality (MR)
Gaming technology that is sure to arrive and be targeted by players is Mixed Reality (MR) technology. This is a new breakthrough that represents an evolution of AR and VR technologies that appeared previously.

Therefore, there is a combination of the real world (reality) with the virtual world in a more sophisticated and artistic game design. Therefore, this technology is considered the icon of the highest online and offline game techno revival in its class.
Poker is indeed an entertaining card game. Card players using card media…

4. Voice Controlled Gameplay
Currently, both offline and online play is still controlled by a handheld keyboard. The point is, playing games on Android, PCs and laptops still rely on fingers moving back and forth when pressing the desired key.

However, in the Voice Controlled Gameplay game application, the above tiring technique seems no longer valid. Because with this tool, gamers can play online and offline games by voice command.

Attacking, changing weapons, defending yourself, moving actors and other things can be done by speaking over the provided audio. Of course, the voice has to match the available subtitles so the commands don’t get mixed up.

5. Cloud for games
Cloud For Gaming is a gaming feature on smartphones that will be a hit in 2020. With this feature, there are no device restrictions both laptops, PCs and smartphones when used to play online and offline games.

This means that all games of any kind and type can be played with just one device. When the feature is installed on a smartphone, the smartphone can play games that are intended only for laptops or computers.

With such a concept, there are of course more online and offline game units that can be played. Users don’t get bored because they just play the same games.

6. Haptic feedback system
The most amazing gaming technology is the Haptic Feedback System. Usually this techno is embedded in wargames or when there is a physical clash between players.

When you play a game with this technology, there’s sort of a little stab when the character you’re holding happens to be hit, kicked, or shot. This happens because there is a special sensor embedded in the game that is feedback or reciprocal.

7. The Void
The Void is a game technology that gives the impression that the player is in the same vehicle as the heavyweight game location. It looks like VR at first glance, but the design is smoother because more VR technology is embedded in the technology.

So when you play a game like this, the player really feels like an object playing in the game. This creates a more demanding impression, especially during stressful games and adrenaline tests.

These are some gaming technology innovations that are making games on smartphones very popular among gamers. In fact, gaming-like devices are ready to buy even if they have to pay a very large amount of money.

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