Technological developments make it possible to work from anywhere and at any time. This development resulted in various new job descriptions that you could practice remotely. One of them is a virtual assistant or VA. A virtual assistant is a popular profession and in demand by many people. For those who have just heard this term, let’s read the following article to the end!

What is a virtual assistant?

What is a virtual assistant?
What is a virtual assistant?

Virtual Assistant is a profession in administration, both in supporting companies and individuals, carried out remotely or remotely. VA (Virtual assistants) can usually work in a company or freelance from one client to another. Virtual assistants are the same as secretaries or personal assistants, and only this happens online. Because this is done online, VAs are different from office-based assistants because they can’t help make coffee or carry their boss’ bag.

Currently, virtual assistants are increasingly demanded by many companies or business people who need assistance support but don’t want to spend more money on office equipment or space. Since VA is conducted virtually, the company can prepare only some of these requirements. It will undoubtedly reduce costs on the corporate side. Although it is popular, only some companies have hired for this position in Indonesia. Even if so, the percentage may still be small. Because of this, people who work as virtual assistants usually work for foreign clients or companies. Usually, they look for clients through freelance websites.


What is a virtual assistant job?

What is a virtual assistant job?
What is a virtual assistant job?

A virtual assistant’s job is to do the company’s administrative tasks. So, VA tasks depend on customer or company needs. However, below are some of the most common jobs assigned to virtual assistants.

Administrative tasks

The main work area for virtual assistants is to take care of all administrative matters. It includes setting schedules, scheduling meetings, managing business trips, managing calendars, and receiving calls through connected channels.


The next task is bookkeeping. Keeping track of finances is an essential part of running a business. The virtual Assistant’s role is to manage budgets, make purchases needed by the company, and track expenses anywhere.

personal Assistant

The scope of work for personal assistants is similar to administrative tasks, except that the VA is asked to help manage duties outside of work. For example, you organize family vacation trips, book accommodations, prepare gifts for friends, and more.

to serve customers

A virtual assistant is usually needed to serve customers, like customer service, when your company deals with products and services. When a customer has a problem, the customer first consults the VA in the early stages. Only after that, when you feel that you are not in the VA area, you can escalate it to the customer service department, which is more knowledgeable in this area. Small start-up companies often use virtual assistants that still need their customer service team.

data entry

The administrator typically performs data entry tasks, but a VA can assist with data entry, including collecting data, verifying data accuracy, and deleting unnecessary data.

Manage Social Media

In this day and age, the role of social media for any business or company is significant. Therefore, many customers will ask for a virtual assistant to manage the company’s social media. Typically, VA responds to customer comments, greets followers, and schedules posts to monitor social media insights.

content management

In addition to social media, company content is also one of the business success factors of the company. The virtual Assistant’s role is to manage content production schedules and content writing resources and facilitate content publishing so that the boss can only concentrate on developing the content program.

Manage emails

Next, the virtual Assistant’s most common task is managing a client’s business or personal emails. A VA checks all incoming emails. If there is something important, it is immediately communicated to the client.


Every business usually requires an analysis of the market, customers, and performance. Since this research takes more time, companies need VAs to help gather information.  However, since this research is done manually, a virtual assistant who is an expert in data analysis is required.


Pros and cons of virtual assistants

Pros and cons of virtual assistants
Pros and cons of virtual assistants

Before you decide to become a virtual assistant, below are the pros and cons of virtual assistants.


  • Doesn’t require complicated prerequisites; has the required skills.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Can work from anywhere.
  • Can Customs Service.
  • Can work for more than one company or contract.
  • Relatively high salary when working for a foreign company.


  • When you’re just starting, it isn’t easy to find your first client.
  • Must communicate in at least a foreign language, English, so there are no communication problems.
  • Must have work equipment such as computers, laptops, or other aids.


Virtual Assistant Skills

Virtual Assistant Skills
Virtual Assistant Skills

For those interested in trying out the virtual assistant profession, below we have a list of skills that a virtual assistant should have.


The first skill is communication, and every VA must possess this skill. In carrying out his job, a VA will communicate extensively with clients. Either in writing or directing. Especially if your customer is from abroad, you should at least be able to communicate in English, listening and speaking.

Confident use of Microsoft Office

The virtual Assistant’s tools are not far from Microsoft Word and Excel to PowerPoint. So make sure you are an expert in using these tools. Other services usually utilized besides Microsoft are Google products like Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Drive, and many others.

Time Management

Next is an expert in time management. As a VA, you must manage your time wisely, as various tasks can be completed daily, especially when working with more than one client.

Make a decision

Finally, the skill of virtual assistants is decision-making. As a virtual assistant, you will undoubtedly face different conditions you must put in before making decisions. For example, when a customer is difficult to reach even though an emergency needs to be dealt with. It is where your decision-making skills come into play.



From the explanation above, do you understand better what a virtual assistant is? The virtual Assistant is an administrative profession similar to a secretary or personal Assistant, only remotely. VA duties vary based on client needs; most common tasks include managing schedules, calendars, meetings, email, social media, and more. So, what are you waiting for? For those of you who want to become a VA, all you need to do is possess the above skills.

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