YouTube Verifies Shorts Sights Don’t Count For Money Making


YouTube Shorts views are contributed to a network’s total watch time. Still, they need to count towards fulfilling the platform’s monetization demands.



# Sights of YouTube Shorts count towards a channel’s overall watch time but do not count towards monetization qualification.

# To monetize YouTube video clips, you must collect 4,000 hrs of watch time within one year.

# Only views of regular, long-form videos count towards conference YouTube’s monetization qualification standards.

# YouTube answers numerous other usual questions from developers concerning short-form videos.


Sights of YouTube Shorts count toward a network’s total watch time. Yet, they don’t count towards a qualification in the YouTube Companion Program (YPP).


Channels in the YPP can generate income from and gain revenue from videos, though only some are qualified to join them.


To name a few standards, acceptance into the YPP requires 4,000 legitimate public watch hrs within the last twelve months.


It was unclear whether Shorts’ views contributed to the 4,000 limits.


Now we understand that the 4,000 hrs of watch time must originate from regular video clips– or what YouTube describes as videos as needed (VODs).


This is mentioned in a Q&A video on YouTube’s Developer Insider channel, which includes several essential questions concerning Shorts.


First, check out YouTube’s answer to the watch time concern.


Do Shorts Sights Count Toward 4,000 Hrs Of Watch Time?

When asked if views of YouTube Shorts count towards the 4,000 hours of overall watch time, it’s confirmed they don’t.


YouTube does have a “Shorts Fund”, making it possible for makers to make money from Shorts videos only.


” Shorts views count toward your network’s general lifetimes sights. However, at this time, they do not count towards your YPP watch time. As a pointer, the Shorts fund is available as a first step toward monetization. And also, we’ll keep you posted on future updates.”


There’s no space for analysis keeping that action. Shorts views do not count toward meeting YPP demands.


Below are some other questions concerning Shorts addressed in the YouTube Maker Expert group’s latest video.


Can Long-Form Videos Be Repurposed Into Shorts?


Worried about releasing repetitive web content, a maker asks if it serves to turn formerly published VODs right into Shorts.


It’s correct with repurposing VODs, but Shorts must be able to base on their own without needing the VOD for context.


” Producing Shorts from the already released web content is a beautiful method to repurpose videos and experiment with Shorts. It’s essential to remember that many individuals viewing the Shorts feed might need to be acquainted with your channel.


So whatever material you create, make sure it’s standalone and can be delighted in by any individual who may not be familiar with your network or brand name. As well as also make sure to make the video upright.”


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Will There Be Different Analytics For Shorts And VOD?

YouTube verifies it’s working on sprucing up the analytics section in YouTube Workshop.


Presently, sights of all types of video clips are counted as single statistics.


” Yes, our analytics team is dealing with breaking those out for Shorts, VOD (Video Clip on Demand), and live-in workshop.”


Should I Produce A Different Channel For Shorts?


While some creators select to start different networks for Shorts content, this is just suggested if the videos will certainly depart from what you currently create.


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” This is entirely approximately you. We’ve seen creators be successful with both methods. Picking between the same and the second channel is a lot.

More concerning your innovative vision. We advise you to consider the type of web content you wish to produce within Shorts.


It might make the most sense to publish to your existing network if it’s related to your long-form video clip and an extension. Yet if you’re attempting to do a significant separation, producing a separate Shorts channel could be the best method for you. You can always experiment and see exactly how your target market reacts and make changes appropriately.”


Will YouTube Include Personalized Thumbnails For Shorts?

Without entering specifics, YouTube is working on “resolving” the responses regarding custom thumbnails for Shorts.


A small number of visitors would likely see the thumbnails, though, as a lot of Shorts sights originate from individuals swiping through the feed.


” This is a concern we frequently get from creators as well as I want to recognize we have heard your comments loud and clear. The good news is that we’re currently dealing with resolving these comments. We’ll keep you individuals uploaded on future updates.


But equally, as a reminder, thumbnails on Shorts only show on surfaces with a Shorts rack. That would be like on channel web pages, on the house, and within search results. Additionally, the large bulk of sights occur within the feed, and thumbnails don’t reveal within that atmosphere.”


” Shorts views count toward your channel’s total lifetimes sights. As a pointer, the Shorts fund is available as a very first step towards money making. Consider the kind of web content you desire to create within Shorts.


If you’re attempting to do a significant separation, developing a separate Shorts channel may be the finest method for you. Just as a pointer, Shorts’ thumbnails reveal surface areas with a Shorts shelf.


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